the little prince – see with your heart

on ways to see/listen deeper

awakening the heart eye

lots of things change… depending on how we look at them.. no..?
let’s start looking/listening .. with our hearts.. no? (Mikey ness.. like a child ness)

riot of flowers

Hier mein Geheimnis. Es ist ganz einfach: 

the little prince quote

der kleine prinz – antoine de saint – exupery

man sieht nur mit dem herzen gut.. das wesentliche ist für die augen unsictbar.. der kleine prinz

translation: Here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.   – via link below as translated by Katherine Woods


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onlyness celebrate

prejudice quote


what the world needs most: the energy of 8b alive people

everyday ness:

Listen to your heart
Listen to the beat
Listen to the rhythm
The rhythm of the street


eric – loving/seeing – no strings attached.

be the art 


making of the book:

the little prince making


from Maria – quotes from Jeanette Winterson:

It was painful to watch, but also shrouded in soft pity — endearing, because he was merely seeking to connect with her work and needed a sherpa in understanding it. His chief fault wasn’t so much doing it in public, without having first made those necessary investments, but in presuming that it was the artist’s duty to be that sherpa herself.

but rather.. ours to listen deeply.. see what is..


When was the last time you looked at anything, solely, and concentratedly, and for its own sake? … We find we are not very good at looking.


Admire me is the sub-text of so much of our looking; the demand put on art that it should reflect the reality of the viewer. The true painting, in its stubborn independence, cannot do this, except coincidentally. Its reality is imaginative not mundane.

When the thick curtain of protection is taken away; protection of prejudice, protection of authority, protection of trivia, even the most familiar of paintings can begin to work its power. There are very few people who could manage an hour alone with the Mona Lisa.


Maria Popova (@brainpicker) tweeted at 6:01 AM – 29 Jun 2018 :
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was born on this day in 1900. His original watercolors for “The Little Prince” and the bittersweet true story behind the beloved book (

Children quite naturally see with the heart, the essential is clearly visible to them.
not yet scrambled
see w heart


awakening indispensable people (original deck from 2011)


kownacki hear\t law


2 co 4:18 – what is seen is temp.. what is unseen (in the heart 5:12) is eternal



36 min – growing up is not the problem.. forgetting is – lp

38 min – i can not lay w you .. a am not tamed.. if you tame me we shall need each other – fox

42 min – here is my secret, a very simple secret: it is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye – fox

51 min – wha ti see here is nothing but a shell.. what is  most important is invisible – aviator

1:11 – i’m working.. see.. i’m being essential – lp grown up

1:12 – you’re slowing down my productivity .. i’m very busy w matters of consequence – lp grown up

norton productivity law

1:15 – you said you would help – girl.. i am.. that’s how they helped me – lp grown up (points to pick of him graduating – girl in desk)

1:21 – oh.. she’s curious.. isn’t that just like a child – star thief/owner

1:24 – i quit – lp grown up (and that frees them)

1:32 – she’s not gone.. it is only w the heart that one can see rightly – lp little

don’t forget – lp

(girl gives aviator book she made of his little prince stories)

1:36 – you run the risk of weeping a little.. if you let yourself get tamed – little girl

1:38 – ends w lp and aviator laughing in the stars above girl and mom


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little prince art


bellarive – the heartbeat – can you hear my heart from there


lyrics: []

Barely beating now
My heart is overcome
I fear there’s nothing left for You
Can You hear my heart from there
It seems the distance is
What I chose to bear
So rip these tendons, they hinder my reach towards You
Rip these tendons, they hinder my reach towards You
Would You meet me here
Where I rest my bones
Where I lay my head down
This place is my escape
Oh God, I need You to initiate
Light up the sky
Set our hearts on fire
Light up the sky
Let us see our Creator
If the Titanic was made to sink
Then so was my heart
For I made sure it was impenetrable
Oh, what a wretched man I am
Who will save me from this flesh
Paul whispers in my ear
Oh, don’t worry my friend
You’re in good company
Poets before me have tried
To measure this love
And if 40,000 brothers cannot
With all of their quantity of love
Make up this sum
Then how can my heart contain this mass
It would only burst at the seams into
A million tender pieces
So what then
What good is a broken heart to You
Could you even hear my heart from there
And like a father assuring his son
To come home
Oh my son, it’s enough, it’s enough
So who am I to accept this grace
That just falls like rain
Cause we all know I chose to lay
My head in this desert
But like a fish out of water
We only know then what it means
To be parched
So if Christ is alive, the love
And the groom
Then take heed my friends
For chivalry is not dead
For I know no other lover who would
Have met me here in this place
So I awake and I rise from my bed
Of complacency
Oh, my God I’ve been sleeping
With a corpse
Oh, and these bed sores they still
Rest in my bones
Oh, how I’ve made a beautiful dance
With this cadaver but my audience
Is appalled
Oh, how strong these tendons
How they desperately need to rip
From this ancient Adam
So light up the sky and
Set me a flame
Burn this bone and tissue
For I no longer want to be
Entangled in this sinew
That hinders my reach towards You

light up the sky


monet to see law: ‘to see we must forget the name of the thing we are looking at.’
Claude Monet

listen to your hear\t


via nevfel baytar on fb:

fatigue of the heart..

great/sad phrase..

why we’re so blind (little prince ness et al)