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rewire: democratic surround meets networked individualism, it’s complicated

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a quiet revolution.. via you\th.. luis von ahn on steroids via networked individualism.. to hasten global equity/freedom.

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The #MyHungerGames hashtag is inspired in part by Donald Sutherland, the actor who plays President Snow in the Hunger Games series. Sutherland, who is 79, toldGood Morning America that he chose to be a part of the series because he wanted to end his life being “part of something that I thought would maybe catalyze and revolutionize young people.”

Sutherland said he hopes that young people will answer the call like the character Katniss Everdeen does in the films. “We’ve wrecked this world and, if you’re gonna fix it, you’ve got to do it now,” he said.


two forces of globalization by Ed Brenegar


This first force seeks to integrate all functions of society into one seamless efficient system of governance by global institutions.


The theme of integration has emerged in popular young adult novels and films like The Hunger Games, Divergent, The Maze Runner and The Giver. In each of these narratives, a governing authority seeks to or has accomplished the integration of society by controlling how each person functions within that world. In these stories, characters of a particular independence of character and diversity of talent foster a crisis of change for the governing systems of society through their own personal leadership initiative to bring people together to resist the forces of integration.


The second force is reflected in the native desire of people to live lives and do work that matters. These acts of human initiative operate within the context of relationships of trust and mutuality, and are facilitated by the growth of computing and communication technology.


We can see this force of personal initiative in the central characters of the stories mentioned above. Their motivation to act comes from a source of inner values that move them out of the crowd into a place of influence.

Katnis in The Hunger Games steps forward to compete in the games instead of her sister.

Tris in Divergent is motivated by an inner sense of justice about the importance of family.

Thomas in The Maze Runner discovers within himself a calling to serve the members of The Glade by leading them through the maze to a safer place.

In The Giver, Jonas discovers within himself an emotional depth that is expressed in his love for Fiona, his desire to save the infant Gabriel, and, ultimately to take action to cross the boundary that will release memories both painful and joyful back into society.


no is not enough – ch 4 – hunger games


from let’s not wait:

very hunger games (qr scenario) ish – 4 min video – Delaney Tarr – @delaneytarr


also this post – on the spring awakening


turns out, Sater and Sheik began writing “Spring Awakening” in response to the Columbine massacre.


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“My message, as an aging Gen X-er to millennials and those coming after them, is: Go get us. Take us down — all those cringing provincials who still think climate change is a hoax, that being transgender is a fad or that ‘socialism’ mean purges and re-education camps. Rid the world of all our outmoded opinions, vestigial prejudices and rotten institutions. Gender roles as disfiguring as foot-binding, the moribund and vampiric two-party system, the savage theology of capitalism — rip it all to the ground. I for one can’t wait till we’re gone. I just wish I could live to see the world without us.”



in comments.. bowie quote shared by tara ansley @TaraAnsley:

From the beginning of breakfast club but still rings true:

‘and these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds are immune to your consultations. they’re quite aware of what they’re going thru’ – david bowie


Tony Wagner (@DrTonyWagner) tweeted at 6:41 AM – 31 Mar 2018 :

Researchers debate the characteristics of this generation, but the results thus far speak for themselves – including new gun control legislation just passed in Vermont. They are our hope for the future. Let’s work with them in every way we can. https://t.co/aY45J04dwI (http://twitter.com/DrTonyWagner/status/980062586745090048?s=17)

perhaps we can listen deeper: as it could be


ie: lebron james 41 mn for 1000 (on 20 mn for 1000)

Christine Spadafora (@christinespad) tweeted at 4:24 AM – 5 Aug 2018 :
LeBron James donated $41 million to put 1,100 kids through college.
Cadet Bone Spurs chooses to cage children.
#Trump #SundayMorning https://t.co/iQrm7fopGF (http://twitter.com/christinespad/status/1026051217036849153?s=17


deeyah on white right and disobedience

Shafi Naqi Jamie (@ShafiNaqiJamie) tweeted at 5:50 AM – 18 Sep 2018 :
“Deeyah Khan, a Muslim woman of Pakistani and Afghan origin who was brought up in Norway, was visiting a far-right training encampment in America, where hundreds of men were sat drinking, with military-grade weapons by their side.”
Worth reading
@ShareThis https://t.co/mGqXnOHYiS (http://twitter.com/ShafiNaqiJamie/status/1042017912175960064?s=17)

Time and time again she hears the same story, one of abandonment, of not fitting in, a sense of hopelessness, shame and humiliation, of longing to belong..t

And she hears how when the men joined their hate group the story changed to one of feeling like a hero, having a sense of purpose, a feeling of belonging.

belong rev.. to belong rev..

begs a quiet rev.. focus on 2 needs & a cure (authenticity & attachment) deep enough to affect all of us .. today

It’s the same story that permeates Khan’s previous film, Jihad, A Story of Others, for which she spent two years talking to Islamic extremists, convicted terrorists and former jihadi.

“I was really struck by how there were so many similarities between the experiences and the type of people that I met both within the white supremacist movement, but also within the jihad movement as well,” says Khan. “It’s almost as if it’s the same guy, and it’s almost as if some of the deeper reasons are either the same or incredibly similar..t

2 needs & a cure (authenticity & attachment) deep enough to affect all of us .. today

jihad (doc) 

“These movements satisfy the basic human needs that we all have, and obviously for very cynical reasons, because they’re wanting to build the sense of loyalty, the sense of brotherhood and camaraderie with these men, so that they can be directed towards whatever political aims the various movements have,” she says.

Ironically, while these are hate groups, Khan says their actions are driven by love– a love for the fellow members of the group that have given them a sense of family, a love for the leaders of the group that have given them a sense of purpose.

Khan believes it’s down to the “magic” of sitting down face to face. “Everything becomes real. Your words and the impact of your words. The weight of those words becomes real,” she says.

“Why are you nice to me?” she asks Ken at one point. “Because I respect you,” he replies. “I actually consider you my friend.” Despite making a recent journey throwing other flyers out of the window targeting Syrian refugees, Ken admits to Khan that she is the first Muslim he has ever met.

Is Ken her friend?

“Yes, absolutely,” asserts Khan. “He forced me to challenge my own prejudices against guys like that as well. I was able to see his humanity.”.. t

mufleh humanity lawwe have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity – Luma Mufleh

begs a means/mech to listen to all the voices.. everyday..
as it could be

“This is a really hard thing for him to do,” she says. “He’s turning his back on his entire community. Now he really does need a friend because now he has none, he’s left them all behind based on a principle, based on these ideas that he no longer wants to subscribe to any more.”..t

This August, Ken is having his tattoos removed. Khan is flying over to be with him.

It sounds like the sort of thing a friend would do.