eudaimonia\tive surplus

a play on Clay Shirky‘s cognitive surplus..

eudaimonia aka

eudaimonia: some of the ancient greek philosophers called the point of life: eudaimonia. it’s commonly translated as happiness but i believe a more accurate translation would be fittingness: how well your actions match your gifts, match who you are.  – from ‘walking on water’ by derrick jensen

jensen fittingness law

art and sleep as reset.. to fittingness


what if something like Jerry‘s Brain is a beautiful extension of sharing our cognitions.. ie: i have easy access to your thinking/connecting/context of whatever topic and we all have easy access to multiple minds/contexts on any particular topic. without having to wait for the book/project/whatever to come out in print/film/whatever. a 24/7 connection to 7 billion contexts.









and what if.. we change things/life up enough, so that the documentation of that brain/whatever happens as a course of daily conversation with ourselves… ie: i’m not spending my days proving/documenting myself, but rather .. i’m spending them in eudaimonious exploration.


we have better access to each other.

and.. the – each other – that we are accessing.. are fully themselves.


from Nilofer Merchant‘s onlyness:


appropedia (husbands team) grew in size/impact not by asking any person to do the known thing over and over but by enabling each person to add their bits of what only they could, and have it add up to something meaningful… instead of seeing chaos, which i might have expected, i watched in awe as an entirely new system made things happen. seemingly powerless people, fueled by their deepest – even sometimes unnamable – sense of meaning find those who share a *cause/purpose and act together, w/o needing to be told what to do .. to make a dent.. w/o permission/expertise/money/credentials/titles/ed/time

*i’d say curiosity.. and that this is eudaimoniative surplus


why now..? individuals today have access to info previously available only to the establishment.. if available at all. *now everyone can find/friend/follow people who share their interests/passions using a variety of sm: twitter/fb/linkedn.. where once geography or soical class limited us.. *we can not write to anyone and say.. i’ve been following your work and i have an idea for how we can create value together and get something done

*not yet true for all people.. otherwise.. we’d be living a different way already.. ie: sans money/measuring.. but spot on about how it could change things.. so.. begs we get to a mech to facil what you describe above.. but truly for 100% of the people..

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

meadows undisturbed ecosystem