When we hear all voices, we make better decisions.

co-founders: Ben Knight.. Richard Bartlett

loomio – progress 2015

we were thinking whether there would be a 3rd way… turn communication into real world action…

a tool that only did one thing.. gave people a space to talk things through and make a decision together.. a pie graph and 4 buttons…

used in podemos…

more than 20000 decisions made w/0 marketing…

challenge – prefigurative politics.. notion of organizing ourselves…in sustainable/equitable ways..

systemic.. global system change – deep/simple/open enough

self-organizing ness… stigmergy ness

let’s try curiosity over decision making

decision making is unmooring us

more on value in commons econ page about enspiral.. and loomio.. as part\ial ness

we need deeper.. for (blank)’s sake

ie:  a means to undo our hierarchical listening so that we can org around legit needs


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Richard Dennis Bartlett is one of the co-developers and co-founders of Loomio, an online collaborative decision making tool. One of the things I didn’t know was that Loomio came out of the core group’s experience in Occupy in Wellington New Zealand. I had previously thought that Loomio was designed to solve decision making for the Enspiral group network.

In fact, according to Richard, Occupy was foundational as an experience in understanding non-hierarchical and inclusive decision making. As he explains, Loomio was an expression of the reflections and evaluations on Occupy … and as Occupy converged with Enspiral through the development of Loomio, Loomio’s design ecology included solving decisioning making challenges for the Enspiral enterprise, as well as for the next generation of creative activism worldwide.

This is an absolutely fascinating interview, as Richard brings deep insights into both the domain of horizontal and distributed decision making, next wave activism, and the design of a breakthrough innovation.”

april 2016

occupy – as pivotal moment for me.. i was one way.. and now i am another way

the experience was confusing, complex, chaotic… first day we had like 300 people milling around… one person stood up and said.. this is why i came.. all the stories were diff but w common thread.. 1\ climate 2\ gang violence..  all the things people were angry upset about… to… let’s do something about it… how.. collaboratively…  we found.. community emerge out of no where.. turned into village… 50-100 tents… general assembly every night… every day fed.. with no exchange of money…

functioning community emerged w/in a few days… w no shared articulated vision… also happening in 800 cities… bamboozaling…

the camps that weren’t crushed under boot of state… were under own weight…because in practice you can’t include everyone…

huge promise of working together. and on other hand.. crushing frustration of how to organize when don’t have boundaries.. don’t have definition for what behavior is appropriate and what’s not… disintegrated into zombie apocalypse….

during this time.. got intro’d to enspiral.. and we asked.. could we do general assembly thing on internet.. and could you do it for us..

the impossibility of hyper inclusions…. when some people’s behavior threatens others..

asking – what was the obstacle… and which ones could we change…

some conclusions: action is a really great filter for complexity… ie: what do you want to do rather than what do we want to be… so org around action…  values we learned: inclusion;  but it was returning to the action

the value of meaningful work.. the thing you feel called to do.. it was occupation at occupy… the thing that gets you up in the morning..

so yeah… if all of us doing that… less inappropriate behavior… : gershenfeld something else law

the idea of this decision making on line.. was just obvious.. people were seeing it all over the world..

others with same idea.. perhaps didn’t have a base like enspiral to ground/sustain…

almost immediately it became apparent this.. making decision w/o meeting.. was universal..

a universal problem

ensprial was first company we worked with…. loomio is one of 12 benches w/in enspiral… and each bench has its own loomio space….

you’ve got to get that pace right… out to big group (all 300)… back into small group

zooom dance ness… let’s do it globally…

more – what are you doing and how can we help… than what should we all do..

action first.. strategy later..

and from jose: seems your strategy flows out of your focus on relationship..

right kind of fuzziness… tag line… getting more people working on stuff that matters…

what matters to you… we really don’t have much more consensus than that…

hosting life bits.. via self-talk as data.. as the day

a nother way

for (blank)’s sake

relationships built from value exchanges…

you get these relationships going.. then trust just takes over

jose: you’re creating social commons

yeah… diff people frame it differently… my diagnosis is…broadest sense of commons… (intellect/environ),… then social (families… non market).. my analysis is that those areas are being shrunk by private capital… i’m just looking at how we look at old people or little kids… to financialize those transactions that used to be social… so to me enspiral is the opposite of that.. to take private capital and use it to expand the commons…

my analysis of the world… lots of overlapping strains… ie: patriarchy, colonialism,… and mine is capitalism… i’m talking about a small number of wealthy people are earning the means of production… i think that leads to all these outcomes that are super problematic.. i think that’s where inequality comes from…got govt in their hands… and not doing it because they are evil greedy people….. but because that s what happens when you own something and have full control…. solution to that for me… 1\ collective ownership… (diverse and local)  1 owner living distant only cares about profit… 2\ collaborative governance… if capitalism is one strain.. governance is the other…keep recollecting to marginalize smallest amount of people…

may 2014 – taipa..mainland china… taken over by half million people.. occupy legislature…mostly students.. sunflower movement… they used loomio… so we’ve maintained relationships with these activists… and are learning so much from them.. they’ve kept on… now working w/in govt… govt has admitted they had a crisis of legitimacy – so working with these activists.. to regain legit.. so we’ve got these huge restructuring going on… and almost no one outside of taiwan knows about it.. they’re just quietly going on about their work… it’s quiet because it’s constructive instead of being really angry…

outrage and anger part of a natural process… gets people energized…mobilized… but then it’s like.. what comes next…   mixed fires has to be constructive…

so loomio is the constructive phase… you use twitter to say no.. and you use loomio to say the yes that comes afterwards



FYI here’s how @Loomio got funded without compromising our ethical commitment to the #commons #KSWE16 yesmagazine.org/new-economy/ho…


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wondering about decision making and consensus and dissensus.. et al..


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