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podemos circles – are activists..

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feb 2015

Amy interviews Pablo Iglesias in new york (video):

The Next Syriza? As Greece Rejects Austerity, Meet the Activist Who Could Become Spain’s New PM

While Syriza has taken power in Greece, the grassroots party Podemos is also quickly gaining popularity in Spain, Europe’s fifth largest economy. On January 31, as many as 150,000 people rallied in Madrid to show support for the Podemos party, which translates into “We can.”

48 min – going from a movement to a party

austerity: inequality, unemployment & debt

in democracy – if something doesn’t work – you change

52 min – even after being evicted – you continue to pay bank for house

i like the wire – how it explains how power works



Pablo’s talk at cuny (with Amy):

Hope is Changing Sides: Understanding Spain’s Political Change


17 min – when we have a center left and a center right party – the banks win

20 min – politics is not just to have the best analysis of the situation.. it’s very important to use a language understandable for the majority of the people

36 min – the austerity programs have destroyed the economy in greece – and europe

39 – on ambiguity


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scotland yet




Oscar Reyes (@_oscar_reyes)

3/13/15 6:55 AM
Italian press reporting #Landini (of metalworkers’ union FIOM) launching Italian equivalent of #Podemos



dec 2015

Bravo Podemos! A small step that may turn into a large faultline shattering the Eurozone’s crisis-denial & austerian contempt for democracy.

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/yanisvaroufakis/status/678822154029387776


George Pór (@technoshaman) tweeted at 6:37 AM – 21 Apr 2017 :

“The 15M generation is fulfilling its promise of political renewal through Podemos and Madrid’s…” by @NoeJcm https://t.co/iwq104kOLh (http://twitter.com/technoshaman/status/855400147106353152?s=17)

Yago Bermejo: I’ve been an activist for a while and so I became part of 15M when it started and I then collaborated with Podemos. What defines my involvement in these movements is the will to make a diagnosis of democracy and help create new digital tools to redefine consensus

consensus ness

YB: The starting point is realizing the flaws of democracy. Once you are in the mindset of changing what is wrong you can work on improving the system. …I would say that we are trying to make this kind of connection between innovative democracy and networks, finding new ways to rebuild democracy.

The Puerta del Sol square in Madrid, during a 15-M demonstration (20 May 2011)


The technology is here, what matters is finding the right way to use it in order to improve participation, and that means making sure people are involved more frequently in politics, and not just for elections every 4–5 years…

hlb that io dance


YB: The Medialab is a civic tech cultural center based on open source technology. Our philosophy is very specialized in the sense that we want to promote free technology for more participatory democracies (with a heavy open source component of course)


one could say that the attempts made within the 15M community were sketches of what we did with Podemos. As always, the idea was to use digital tools to organize collective work. We also tried using Loomio in the Spanish context which is a very interesting tool. There were other attempts to use technology for crowdsourcing proposals, so basically I would say that the last few years have been very rewarding for civic tech in Spain.