as the day

as the day mapping graphic

[graphic/thinking inspired by Keri Smith]

[having to do with no-strings/agenda-attached… intrinsic/perpetual-beta ness. following your whimsy isn’t an after hours activity or 20% of the day.. it is the day.]

what matters most – is/as the day.  [not after hours or after school]

aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake

our findings were that if you treat whimsy as 20% ish – people are too tired from the 80% supposed to’s. so we end up never seeing that person.. or anyone‘s authentic human potential.

revolution of everyday life. a nother way.

keri not a distraction _



Some people spend their best energy on the new project, squeezing in the day job when they must.


keri is a distraction _



Others (the ones who rarely ship) insist on every element of the day job being finished before they practice their music, write their book or otherwise make a ruckus.


who decides

If you‘re serious about building a new sort of asset, experiencing the cutting edge of new tech,.. the first way to demonstrate that seriousness is to put your heavy hitters in charge of it, while refusing to pay much attention at all to the people or the metrics of the old thing.

your focus…
what matters most…
as the day

20% won’t create a revolution, and anything short of that is a disservice to our children, to us. We know to0 much to not go 100% as the day. Let’s not be missing it.

Put yourself (the only heavy hitter you own) in charge of the day. Ask yourself daily what matters most. Do that.

Find the bravery to change your mind.

[and if you need a jump start for exploring ideas – find/follow Keri Smith – who’s words/ideas inspired the as the day graphic]

Quotes/insight from Seth – which is the sideshow.


we can just do whatever we want?

imagine 7 billion people doing work that matters – as the day.


in the city.

as the day.


they deem me mad


[from a qr mechanism]


different how..?

perhaps so many.. like Bucky and Illich and Jacobs and Holt and Papert and … saw the vision (of ie: networked individualism ness) but we, then, didn’t have the means, and/or the (zoom dance) focus, to carry it out. at least not with enough sync for it to work (by realizing the ongoingly not working ness is the working ness.. et al)

we never took/accepted/realized those x-d glasses/dimensions, in order to see our issue/problem/pickle as (in Jane’s words) organized complexity. and so – then – we were/are always getting distracted by the shiny.

we’re so intoxicated/trained/believing that certain spaces are where we go to live/learn/be (ie: conferences/classrooms/etc).. because that’s what’s been prepped for us by experts – and well – because that’s the way we’ve always done it.  so when we go to those spaces – we put ourselves on autopilot.. ie: turn ourselves off.. ready to be filled/changed.

we keep prepping for and then attending theses prepped spaces.. encouraging deadness. the rallying/repeating/regurgitating whatever has been prepped for us to rally/repeat/regurgitate. and since it’s often shiny, ie: seemingly better than what we have/experience now- and the space is designed around getting us in the mode/zone required. how could we not.

perhaps we trust 7 billion to slow down and listen, as if there were 7 billion classes/conferences/etc going on 24/7. ie: each moment an adventure. a year to be 5 again ish. just to see.

in the city – (Jane tells so vividly in ch 22 of death and life) eclectic ness on steroids. 24/7 aliveness. messy – yet all interconnected. all inclusive. chaordic. none of us are free if one of us is chained ness.

as the day – without getting the x-d ness of in the city.. we misunderstand the essence of trust. the 100% ness of it. the – partial freedom is no freedom ness. and so we end up experimenting with people who are (after 7ish hour days at what they’re supposed to do) too tired to be curious/alive/themselves.


let’s do this first: free art\ists.. leisure/luxury ness toward the energy we crave/need.

vision versions


this is the ridiculous thinking/myth that is wilde not-us law and it’s perpetuate\ing not-us ness.. our broken feedback loop

World Economic Forum (@wef) tweeted at 7:05 AM – 7 Mar 2017 :

This is what not working does to your brain. Read more:

whole article ires me.. piece by piece


from seth’s

choose to redefine whatever we’re doing as the thing we’ve chosen to do, right here and right now.

what if our only label was our daily curiosity..

as the day ness.. finding the bravery to change your mind.. the it is me.. revolution of everyday life. . a nother way

sans the supposed to’s.. of school/work et al