keri is a distraction _keri not a distraction _




interrupt ness


adding page while thinking about all the social misfit ness of me/people.. all the: do you even see the people in front of you ness; this is the longest i’ve seen you stick with anything ness; i’ve never had a relationship like this ness; .. et al

this is me talking for me (now – who knows what i’ll think tomorrow) – not judging anyone else – not knowing anyone else really – enough – to know..

feelings/grokkings.. percolating over the years – ie last 10ish – (perhaps even part of my deep make-up/leaning) – and esp since i decided 4 yrs ago to stop taking money for work (gratitude to people spotting/carrying me.. till things change &/or my supposed pera comes thru for payback).. so that i could focus 100% on this thing that i see.. this other way to live.. that i believe 100% of souls are craving.. and that i believe is currently 100% possible..

in that realm.. while i’ve disengaged from social ness.. 1/ because costello law.. (seems unethical to flap about utopia ness when mech not yet in place.. gets people’s hopes up et al).. and 2\ because the social ness in this intoxicating world.. is a distraction for me. (perhaps more so because i’m so autistically ocd sensitive or whatever.. not social norms normal) .. the small talk.. fine dining.. joviality.. none of it bad.. but to me.. now.. a distraction.. and to point of adding this page.. like a bad mental trip.. distracting me from what i can’t not do.. because i’m all in to this global systemic change.. for everyone.. for all the homeless/hurting/dying i see but can’t possibly help (mostly because it’s deeper than that.. for all of us).. and for my kids and their kids.. and all the kids kids..

i’m not not social (or i am – not social – via today’s practice).. rather i’m all-out/in ..seeking a deeper social.. that all of us can leap to

yeah.. i knew i couldn’t pen this.. but oh well..

perhaps – the reason i jump – will shed some words/verbiage.. to the need to avoid .. these normals because they’re (for me) distractions [higashida autism law et al]

thinking.. always thinking..

irrelvant quote vinay


prep/training as distraction/oppression/interruption .. ie: keep putting people on hold

let’s try a nother way
ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way


The School of Life (@TheSchoolOfLife) tweeted at 4:30 AM – 16 Jul 2018 :
“Distraction is the only thing that consoles us for miseries and yet it is itself the greatest of our miseries.” – Blaise Pascal (http://twitter.com/TheSchoolOfLife/status/1018805046371373056?s=17)



from david korten‘s change the story:

67 even if i had the capacity to consciously discern and care for a single cell, i could not possible track and care for each of the tens of trillions of cells that make up by body.. this of the *distraction..
*exactly.. that’s the too much ness of democratic admin.. of any form of m\a\p


my body’s capacity for *intelligent choice resides at the cellular level far below my conscious awareness for good reason
huge.. living is not about *intelligent choice.. choiceness is exclusionary/enclosure because has 1\ limited/binary options and 2\ pre req of intellect ness
my body’s meta consciousness (as distinct from individual cell) is free to concentrate on managing my body’s relationship to the world beyond the boundary of my skin, decision beyond the ability of any individual cell
rather.. free to be free.. free to dance.. not to manage/dm.. that’s the energy sucking distraction (aka: cancer) you just addressed..
my body’s meta consciousness thus establishes the context of the self managed choice making of he individual cells
needs to be context of alive/listening/being.. of/to curiosity/itch
the cells take it from there, allowing my conscious mind the *freedom to engage.. in creative inquiry and expression
not *free if any form of m\a\p.. if any form of democratic admin.. let go
68 if each human is a choice making manifestation of the spirit
oi.. let’s just ay if each human is legit alive/free..
.. while remaining mindful of my *responsibility
distraction/cancer/loaded.. red flag we don’t really trust what is already in us.. red flag we’re assuming a hierarchy of human beings


2 min video on how easily we’re all distraction-ed

Has anyone seen this Chevron commercial? https://t.co/o1nkIf0qOS
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