part\ial ness


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adding page as partial researches/experimentations are mounting.. ie: bi, commons, ..

just a few recent ie’s:


Do #commons bring more justice? Can they challenge political hierarchy? #citiesascommons #kswe16

probably not if we common partially.


commons = any resource accessible to everyone. There are many commons. Most don’t provide food/shelter. That’s the problem.

so.. not yet commons..? perhaps commons = all the resources accessible to everyone


‘Is universal basic income a poor tool to fight poverty? No, it’s the best.’ Brilliant piece by @2noame.

perhaps neither poor nor best..just partial. our ongoing perpetuation of not-us ness: partial ness

perhaps we keep missing it (betterness.. equity) because we keep doing part\ials.. and so .. we .. can’t dance. since the dance takes all of us.. and all the things.. no?

along the same lines.. we probably won’t get their with part\ial disengagement..

time to leap… for (blank)’s sake

we need to go deep/simple/open enough..


not partial.. pretty much what – as the day ness reps.. [in the city too..but as the day seems to be what we often don’t accept/trust]

none of us if one of us..

partial freedom is no freedom

holacracy et al law


let’s disengage from partial disengage as well


from end notes of david graeber‘s theory of value:

268: 12 – false insofar as those who have this partial consciousness do not recognize its partiality..

part\ial ness is killing us all.. for (blank)’s sake

taleb center of problem law


red flags