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adding page because in my head so many ie’s are accumulating of lost energy from not disengaging enough..via Vinay’s suggestion:

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1\ badges viaDoug‘s email: Some thoughts and recommendations on the future of the Open Badges backpack and community

crazy … time/energy spent here.. and on

2\ blockchain via Michel‘s share of Melanie Swan’s (just one of many) take/research/theoryRT @CaterinaRindi: @LaBlogga piece: #Crypto Enlightenment and the Social Theory of #Blockchains https://t.co/quhPQWdKCf #socialtheorists

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/mbauwens/status/738277788969537536

on…. blockchain and badges: Today we are releasing all of our blockchain credentials work under the (open source) MIT license >https://t.co/C0V6QOyOnu

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/schmidtphi/status/738493041095364608

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3\ ceptre (Arthur) via Michel‘s share@mbauwens

If you only read one article on going Beyond Blockchain, read this 1 on Simple Scalable Cryptocurrencies, on CEPTR, ow.ly/PNRF300OfrY

on…. more alt currency ness: https://www.vice.com/video/daily-vice-robin-bank-enric-duran

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4\ protection via Glenn’s tweet: Worth thinking about why the US Government has criminalized a “public service” https://t.co/12jYq7Rwgu

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/ggreenwald/status/737705362028171264

and on countless others..
we’re so busy working on ways to credential/prove/protect…
aka: to B and b ourselves…
imagine if we disengage from that.. altogether.
let go of things

for (blank)’s sake

there’s a nother way

ie: hosting life bits


zen from let go page

cling ness – via Seth:


I’ve found that the root cause of stress is clinging to things. We cling to the hope that things will go as we expected or planned, and then get stressed trying to make that happen, or frustrated when it doesn’t.

Clinging to things causes our stress and frustrations.

So how can we stop clinging?

By realizing that there’s nothing to cling to.


Nothing to cling to.

let’s disengage from part ial disengages.. ie: verifiability ness seeps in everywhere.. and is killing us. let’s disengage from that.