imagine a turtle

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If you are setting people free, you aren’t empowering them. You are doing the setting, you are doing the action.

Because we believe empowered people is key, sharing a little analogy here to address that. [from p 31 of a be you book]

imagine a turtle

we are not being careful. and we are missing it.


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no child left a


rna ness


from feb 2018 convo between Daniel Schmachtenberger and Jordan Greenhall (co-founders of neurohacker)

6 min – jordan: largely a consequence of the fact that game a doesn’t care that much  people – although well-being et al a part of it – doesn’t need them to be well rounded and capable… tends to produce quite significant *limitations and constraints in human capacity.. so end up in a situation where .. even if reasonably effective in  building out a lot of the elements in game b.. ie: alt econ model.. if human beings who are coming out of game a don’t have ability to play game b.. then it’s a non starter.. so that was the impetus for me to begin looking in the space.. and then.. that’s where you’d (daniel) spent a substantial fraction of your life

*black science of people/whales law.. imagine a turtle ness

daniel: so you said.. if the people don’t actually have the well being and the sovereignty.. to be able to play a diff game.. their ability to be healthy.. whole.. outside of that narrow niche (from game a).. and since the narrow niche usually doesn’t require them *self-assessing what needs done outside of the narrow boundaries.. we can actually squish people into kind of narrow ai’s or robots.. right?

*imagining self-talk as data.. for detox/shell-restoration..


Barefoot College (@BarefootCollege) tweeted at 7:00 AM – 16 Aug 2019 :
On this Independence Day, Shikshaniketan educators and children raised the question ‘Do we really have freedom?’ highlighting several issues: female foeticide, child abuse, poverty and suppression of expression- all that stop us from being truly independent in today’s world. (

imagine a turtle.. krishnamurti free will law .. et al


shell restoration – same as restoring our undisturbed ecosystem