zeitgeist movement

zeitgeist movement

intro’d to tzm via Peter Joseph

tzm day toronto (mar 15, 2014) intro’d to:

450 in room.. 700+ via livestream – only a few on chat?

no garden is illegal when people are starving.. while technically illegal – also technically right..

we have a food opportunity on our hands…

growing your own food is like printing your own money

  • Gilbert Ismail – Activism in The Zeitgeist Movement

i didn’t come from a rich family – i wear flashy schools today, but

  • Leonard Beeson – The Workplace as Vehicle For Socioeconomic Transformation

tzm toronto – This is a great talk, discussing how each position in an hierarchical corporate environment can (cont

Leo Eddie Riveron – chat participant – I’m working with a group that is looking to build a Hybrid RBE system that uses money to eliminate it transition.org –  https://www.facebook.com/groups/224148967647327/

  • Emily Charles-Donelson – In the Age Of Participation: Moving #Zeitgeist Forward (also part of toronto tool library)

watching the experience isn’t enough anymore – telepresencing..

  • Matt Berkowitz – A Science of Morality and Society – Vancouver, Canada chapter coordinator.


reference to loving sam harris

  • Rachel Yapp – Fear: What is it Good For?

we need to stop supporting fear-based institutions

biggest fear – regret –

  • Larry Mayer

talked about zeitgeist media – he talked of joque ..? – then said – i know i shouldn’t do that.. so we don’t focus on a person but rather on a train of thought.. he read from the zeitgeist movement defined book.. also talked of conflict of side projects and core zeitgeist focus.. message getting lost because too busy working on other projects (2 libraries et al) – we need to start focusing on whole cog – chapters don’t do projects – at least right now..Education and awareness is so important for 2014 and going forward. Core methodology must circulate.

  • Peter Joseph – Origins and Adaptations, part 2 (continuation of speech in vancouver)

1. emergence of the arbitrary

talked on trading and fractals and iterations (input/output – fear/greed) – this all has to do with utility/usefulness – stock market et al – least useful – the pursuit of profit – which many believe is progress –  [via DJWESG in chat – closed systems theory backed up with game theory (rational choice) these systems rely on massive amounts of data and control of the inputs and outputs of the system] – going in depth of market to show its absurdity. we’re getting so efficient.. the market is dying.. and we don’t know what to do about that.

2. rational imbalance

what’s left of traditional market.. there has never been.. never will be a free market – because we have drawn lines that can’t be drawn.. open free competition.. no matter how ethical/humane/eco-friendly you think you’re being – the core ethics keep us unstable… ie: just moving poverty around. the problem isn’t ethics.. it’s the gaming strategy: competitive self-regulation – inherently myopic – just keeps moving problems around.. the markets vocab is too limited – the market can’t rationalize anything that can’t be turned over to money. their one solution – charity and volunteerism.

tangent: we keep stopping short.. believing that economic equality is utopia – (behavioral reinforcements?) – capitalism is leading cause of death – after this talk am going to not talk so much.. get back to socially conscious film production..

3. revolution by design

the role of chapters – what has true merit and what doesn’t. project – anything that you’re doing.. to support interest of the movement (activating train of thought). thesis hasn’t changed from day 1 – we are an education movement. the chapters are agents of this message. it’s natural for chapters to grow and forget that they are part of something. we need local unification toward a clear single goal. we can’t keep the patchwork going – we’ve got to get at the root. the next logical stage – virtual design initiatives. create this world artificially – show its potential – test it – global redesign institute. hoping to have something online for people to join in in the next year or two. talks about regulatory filter – code/algorithm – for all projects.. bypassing market. then talked of device or app? so you can contact anyone else in the movement.. this? http://thezeitgeistmovementforum.org/chapter-resources/1420-submit-ideas-official-tzm-app-iphone-android-etc.html

from chat – paul mason @ the guardian, he writes and researches this type of stuff

from chat – “Sam Harris on “Free Will”” on Youtube it is a good topic

next film? Interrelations is a movie, nothing to do with the series

fail to recognize the disorder killing it..ie: 30 trillion.. those w/o money do not exist to it.

if you were going to have a cancer at the societal level.. how else would it be. the secret – to addictively disable.


Myles Dyer spoke at zday 2012


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