spinach or rock

if i offer you dinner of your choice

spinach & rock

a bowl of spinach or a rock

and you pick spinach

should i really be that excited about the match up

of you

and spinach..?

partial freedom

abundant options as freedom/trust





from David Graeber‘s revolution in reverse:

All these entities are the product of institutions and institutional practices that, in turn, define certain horizons of possibility. Hence when voting in parliamentary elections one might feel obliged to make a “realistic” choice; in an insurrectionary situation, on the other hand, suddenly anything seems possible.

on voting.. and spinach or rock ness.

Voting booths, television screens, office cubicles, hospitals, the ritual that surrounds them — one might say these are the very machinery of alienation. They are the instruments through which the human imagination is smashed and shattered.

aka: binary ness