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adding page day that this quote really spoke to me

lennon imagine law



yoko ono – much about john here

all we are saying – by david sheff


nowhere boy (doc)


john and yoko: above us only sky (doc):

59 min – yoko (on living thru ww2 ie: helping her little brother imagine a menu when he was hungry and there was no food): imagine got me thru a lot of thing..

(then kids reading her book – grapefruit – about ie: balloons not flying if you skin them).. kid says/reads: you’ve got to use your imagination.. otherwise it doesn’t mean anything

1:05 – very touching.. quotable comments while they are cutting imagine.. ie: have to imagine no labels/categories.. all the things that divide us; a lot of people said it was too dreamy.. but it’s what we are all wishing for; et al

why is it impossible to move forward in these dreams and make them a reality


1:07 – dan richter: i hear yoko because those were all her words.. i love john but you know.. those were her words.. she was speaking thru him.. i don’t think the world gets that yet.. she taught him this language

john: (on saying he should have given her credit): it was right out of grapefruit.. her book

1:08 – yoko (2018): i feel in the big picture.. the fact that john and i met.. was to do this song





imagine.. et al

discrimination as equity


a nother way