no prep

perhaps what keeps getting in the way of us is this assumption that we’re not enough. right now. perhaps this assumption that we don’t already have all we need (ie: some map written on each heart for each day) is what keeps us living in the just in case mode.

perhaps the sustainability/thrivability we all seem to crave comes when we let go.. of the control ness that prepping seems to assure us of.

perhaps a  q u i e t  revolution begs we trust us. enough.

no train

red flag


[from Nic‘s no prep video]

preparation gets in the way. almost entirely.

i have no clue as to what a person might be like …so there’s nothing i can prepare.

anything you do will get in the way. any moment of thought.. about what you want to show to the world …will get in the way.

you literally need to be yourself.

how do i be myself. you can’t be yourself. it just happens.

my job is to allow people to come to this space.. where the need to be one person or another leaves.

there’s no one you have to be. there’s no other place you have to be. and from there comes the most extraordinary stuff.


oh. i love this Nic.


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vulnerability in context

eudaimonia ness


instigating utopia everyday ness

no agenda ness

but…. won’t this run a muck…?

prep/training as distraction/oppression .. ie: keep putting people on hold


huge to this.. fromm spontaneous law

off script ness

whyte plan/live law


mumford non-specialized law

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control is failure






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no prep