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Gaiman and deGrasse Tyson

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to min and max david graeber


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norton productivity law




redefine nclb


let’s do this first: free art\ists.. leisure/luxury ness toward the energy we crave/need.


on (seemingly) laziness of thinkers

The more intelligent don’t get bored easily as they can engage themselves in their inner worlds. The less intelligent, on the other hand, use physical activity as a way to beat the boredom.

never nothing going on ness..

boredom ness

The thinkers were much less active during the business days of Monday through Friday than the non-thinkers. On the weekend, however, there was curiously no difference between the groups.

fitting with our original questioning.. can’t wait for weekend.. .. we’re all begging for as the day ness.. aka: not some part\ial fix