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perhaps what we need to do (first) is find/work-on a problem that is deep enough to resonate with 7 billion+ people. today.

deep enough.. as in ability to already resonate with all..

not necessarily one that affects each of us.. because you could say – all problems affect us. (because of our interconnectedness. none of us are free if one of us is chained.. ness.) ie: climate change affects us all, but that idea is not believed/owned by everyone

but one that resonates with each of us. already. it would’t have to be pitched, explained, compulsorized. the energy/desire for solving/addressing already exists.. bountiful.. within all people.

deep enough.. as in by capability of ongoing (self) re-generation..

if … a problem already resonates with a human (meaning – it comes from deep within each one of us, as the root of us) the solution is already written on and burning within each heart.. aka: in the human’s being.

then … sustainability becomes the given. 24/7 we have 7 billion people rebooting the energy. re-iterating the solution. re mixing the dance.

ie: 2 needs

[missing pieces]

aka: authenticity & attachment

missing piece #1

missing piece #2

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zinn quote on people energy

ie: systemic enough

i’ll be using meta to mean deep enough 

taleb center of problem law


thunberg deeper problem law

hoping we (finally) are brave enough to say.. good bye cycle.. as things supposedly impossible.. are staring us in the face..

let’s go deep enough.. to get to the root of healing.. virus/us ness et al

no more same song


einstein problem law



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