ship\ables (3)

what‘s been going on.

what’s next (3 ship\ables):

1\ a kids’ book

about a problem deep enough that 7 billion plus people could access/grok it today.. modeling a nother way to live.. (optional)

2\ an app/chip

a mechanism simple enough that 7 billion plus people could access/use it today.. tech as it could be.. modeling self-talk as data.. to undo our hierarchical listening.. (necessary – to ground the chaos of whimsy unleashed)

3\ an experiment

in an ecosystem open enough that 7 billion plus people could see systemic change as possible.. (necessary – to model all-of-us ness)

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i (never just me) have this ginormously/small focus: equity (everyone getting a go everyday). i believe human energy is our means to equity and that we haven’t yet given people an honest go at being human so we’re missing that energy. i don’t think we quite get the all-of-us ness needed to let the dance dance. many have spoken of this all-of-us ness (ie: Tim Berners-Lee), but it’s always within some space (ie: the www, won’t work unless the whole world is on it), or with some strings attached (ie: after work, school, not as the day), and so perhaps, why the equity/energy we need/crave hasn’t yet been realized. why we haven’t yet become/uncovered what we can be/are.

we have so many man-made constructs that we assume are a given. they (ie: money/work/school/war) keep getting in the way. they keep keeping us out of sync. we need to question everything. we need to model a nother way – ie: by hosting life bits. as the day.

i/we can’t not.

for (blank)’s sake

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