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one body. in need of all of its parts. in need of every one of us. each one different.

i’m seeing common ing.. as augmenting interconnectedness

have/need ness

have need for one world

no one the same

imagine if we


setting art-ists free .. it only works with all of us.

none of us are free

thurman interconnectedness law


ie: how are we ok when one hand looks like this:

bubbled do-gooders (no disrespect – just picking a recent community find – perhaps most all of us live here.. until we leap frog to a nother way .. for (blank)’s sake)

while the other looks like this:

refugee camps, prison, 40 000 starving to death, ridiculous, et al


we need everyone. we need to free every one.

zinn quote on people energy


the dance of the individual and the whole..
networked individuaism graphic


the dna journey:


racial id is biological nonsense

“The way that we talk about race today is just incoherent,” he says. “The thing about race is that it is a form of identity that is meant to apply across the world, everybody is supposed to have one – you’re black or you’re white or you’re Asian – and it’s supposed to be significant for you, whoever and wherever you are. But biologically that’s nonsense.”


our interconnectedness ness makes us non binary able


from awakening the dreamer, changing the dream (doc):

30 min – indigenous cultures.. not so concerned with progress.. but health and durability of their community and see interconnection of all things..

tom goldtooth (@IENearth) ( we use another terminology.. mitakuye oyasin.. all my relations.. we try to recognize we are related to everything..

a phrase from the Lakota language. It reflects the world view of interconnectedness held by the Lakota people of North America. This concept and phrase is expressed in many Yankton Sioux prayers, as well as by ceremonial people in other Lakota communities….The phrase translates in English as “all my relatives,” “we are all related,” or “all my relations.” It is a prayer of oneness and harmony with all forms of life: other people, animals, birds, insects, trees and plants, and even rocks, rivers, mountains and valleys.