rp ness

what rp ness and iwan baan ness and .. an oikos ness.. fractaling earth as oikos

bachelard oikos law:

the house_________________
how to fashion a house (personal/local/global) so that each one of us is free. to be still. enough.

to be truly free to be.

short bp



and/or early morning..

so thinking on time and space… this in particular.. (notes as re re re re reading rev in reverse)

(This is probably why, as Rebecca Solnit has observed, people often experience something very similar during natural disasters.) This would explain why revolutionary moments always seem to be followed by an outpouring of social, artistic, and intellectual creativity. Normally unequal structures of imaginative identification are disrupted; everyone is experimenting with trying to see the world from unfamiliar points of view. Normally unequal structures of creativity are disrupted; everyone feels not only the right, but usually the immediate practical need to recreate and reimagine everything around them

everyone is experimenting…
that’s what we need… that’s all.. just experiment with your authentic curiosities ..

no one needs to lecture how to do that…people… everybody at once or it won’t work… just need permission… ie: time and space… w/no measuring transactions and validating people…. to follow their whimsy…

watch us dance then…

so thinking of rp ness as that time/space w permission.. to just be. like rat park permission.. resources there for you.. transport – walkability.. vast array of people ..[mixed ages/countries.. so far i’ve met ..greece/columbia/finland/hungary../flavors]

[thinking on the natural disasters or major disruptions.. or .. too many people with health issues from overwork.. et al.. i’d say.. 1\ we’re already there and/or whether or not we are.. 2\ we can’t wait..]

and if everyone in the space.. has to be everyone or won’t work – ultimately won’t work unless it’s whole world…. felt that freedom.. ie: enough money so that no one thinks of money.. everyone has 23 hrs a day to do whatever they want.. tech matching per curiosity.

everyone has their own space/unit. they are in their own chamber.. the quietness of their own room. a space where they’re not peer pressured.. they’re not voluntarily/norm complianced.. or whatever.  a safe home. and in this (because it’s part of this bigger rp) each person is a and a (2 needs) fulfilled.. eudaimonia\tive surplus ness.. so that no one is doing anything to escape.. everything is done per authentic choice. daily. hourly. ie: no one is marrying to escape, or to not have to be alone… because neither of those are needs. nothing to escape from. no one is alone. everyone is invited to exist. as themself. as who they already are and are being/becoming. less about things getting fixed.. more that nothing has to be hidden… ness..

again.. (because this is huge) an oikos ness.. fractaling earth as oikos

also thinking of this coming off a night on the streets.. where many ..either feel the need or just go along with crowd.. in intoxication to suppress the bad or free up the 5 yr old..

so.. the rats before rat park. [just realized.. rp ness]

and the art\ists.. there.. trying to soothe us.. yet still..having to work over time.. to pay the bills.. because too often ie: we can pay them to serve us in a restaurant… but not so much just for their music..

all of us.. all of us.. need the time/space.. where our deepest needs/desires are the focus.. and we’re not having to do any voluntary compliance.. et al.. we can all just be. ourselves. for each other. no maté trump\ing.

and .. maybe the odd thinking man out is odd in her local.. but maybe that oddness is what we need.. in the point in time. odd enough .. to offer/model.. a nother way..

not that i know. hourly .. feel i’m full of bunk.

until i see again. every moment i look.. the sickness we all share. [suicide, homeless, syria,  war, crime, B, b, .. broken loop of not us ness, ad infinitum]

can’t not.


let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

a nother way

ie: hosting life bits via self talk as data


bend  your ear ness (alliance.. suggested cities.. next light ness..et al)..

thinking/web\ing (more here on people):

pascal– 1 – be you closet (for detox) – missing piece/desire #1

family/tribe – 7 – be you house room – missing piece/desire #2

freeman – 15ish – be you house (web in house)

dunbar\ish – 150 – alliance – rp (cotton)(& diff languages spoken here.. not just know.. actively spoken.. and.. next light ness.. et al)

city/globe/ni – 1000 plus – prospect

rewire: ni


aug 2016 – via Audrey – on ownership ness of domain of one’s own


@Bali_Maha @allistelling @jimgroom @mburtis @timmmmyboy I wrote this hackeducation.com/2016/08/23/dom…

Virginia Woolf’s essay “A Room of One’s Own,”

It’s about having the financial freedom and a personal space to write.

Debra Schleef: a domain is more than a delimited internet space with your name on it – it is a figurative room that provides time, creative license, and a space to express oneself freely.

I think we know such a thing as an “ownership society” has *never existed for all of us. Nor has, to be fair,

**the ability to have “a room of one’s own.”

and it *has to be all of us.. or it won’t work.. www ness via hosting-life-bits – (trees ness)

**this is what rp ness models..

When I call for each of us to have a domain of our own, I’m not really invoking “ownership” in the way in which Maha suggests the “Domain of One’s Own” initiative implies; but I am, I do confess, invoking Virginia Woolf and the importance having the space and safety and security (financially well before technologically) to think and write and be.

time and space.. luxury/chamber/room ness to be hide and still be out there..

snowden private in public law

and too.. white noise

woolf room of one law


as reading Vinay.’s mother of hydro:

p 43

God it’s subtle, it’s… A. Drug. But I don’t fight it. I am, right now, inside my origami box, looking out at the world from a tiny cube of space, buried inside my mind. I don’t know how I know, but I know that this is all going in there, going away from me, my core identity. They will not have me. So I relax, I don’t have to fight it. I visualize pouring the experience into the box, a liquid. All ok.

thinking of this and the box in the box ness earlier.. having just read it as i’m walking back from gym in lobby.. to my room.. my echo chamber.. like living out.. walking out.. that whole experience/experiment (3 min/day) .. via rp ness

perhaps .. not so much magic.. as natural.. (seems magic because of science of people in schools ness.. et al)..  having that anechoic chamber.. as a means to ongoingly ground yourself.. that solitude.. that quiet in your room ness..

the rp ness.. is a macrocosm of that.. a visual.. face to face.. touchable/seeable macrocosm


raised eyebrow ness – current 2017


fb share by Jay on adult dorm living



bin46 convo: 1\ nsa/snowden don’t out country divorce before outing glad to hear you say that 2\ 55 & over because have most money  3\ education to get from 5 dollar happy hour to 36 dollar glass


cold (not naked) swim

the dispossessed

w/o a map



apt art via nika dubrovsky

batra hide

how do i hide: brown belonging lawthe opposite of belonging.. is fitting in.. true belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are.. it requires you to be who you are.. and that’s vulnerable.. –Brené Brown

and still be out there: thurman interconnectedness lawwhen you understand interconnectedness it makes you more afraid of hating than of dying – Robert Thurman

pearson unconditional law: what is it about loving each other unconditionally that scares us so much – come sunday (pearson)