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a be you book starts with this:

Our county is 6th in the nation in suicide rate. Every 9 days someone takes their life. Globally, the current rate is one every 40 seconds. Suicide is the second leading cause of death in 11-24 year olds.

The measure we are currently using toward success, the actions we are currently using to fix problems, even to determine which problems are problems, aren’t boding us well.

We’re watching suicide rate increase as other death rates decrease.


Otto Scharmer‘s new book starts with this:

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2000 more than twice as many people died from suicide as died in wars.


At one point (slide 51), we were calling Mad World the lab theme song…

I think one of the reasons many of the kids in the lab felt adamant about keeping the name – detox– for this process of learning to learn, is because of issues such as suicide. It’s not a light hearted, or a mean-spirited, let’s do away with school, let’s fight for rights, et al, .. revolution. It’s about the corruption of the human spirit. Many have suggested – detox – is too harsh, or has too many bad connotations. Perhaps that’s the point.

Disrupt yourself.

Detox yourself.

You’re the only one that can.


Perhaps Oscar Wilde is right…

keri wilde quote

And if so, perhaps many suicides are homicides.


Perhaps if we detox/disrupt ourselves, become ourselves, we’ll get at the root of the problem, instead of more rules/security/laws/lawsuits/paperwork/distrust.


Let’s not wait. 


yourchoice 2

perhaps we kill suicide, homicide, when wedecide 2 what matters.

as a people.


every. one.


I don’t know if it’s productive to speculate about that, but here’s a thing that I do wonder about this morning, and that I hope you’ll think about, too. I don’t know for sure whether Aaron understood that any of us, any of his friends, would have taken a call from him at any hour of the day or night. I don’t know if he understood that wherever he was, there were people who cared about him, who admired him, who would get on a plane or a bus or on a video-call and talk to him.

every person needs to know.

perhaps we spend the next 10, 20, 5, 1 year…

perhaps we spend just one year.. on just that.

just that.

in public Ed.

grazie Aaron.




suicide spike

I still expect my kids to attend an ordinary and gigantic public high school. But the least I can do is promise this: If there’s ever a referendum on extending the school year, I’ll vote no.

unless as Ben suggests… we extend the school year to all year, 24/7. in the city, as the day. (which means getting at the root, ie: no compulsion, 100% curiosity. cure city ness.)

suicide via high school


homeschool or die

Given that the summer vacation reduces the teen suicide rate from 6.22 per 100,000 to 4.71, this means that banning public school would save 1,092 lives per year.


we know exactly what to do.

cevin soling quote blood on hands


on suicide talk as taboo..

suicide post


penn suicide


in 2010 – worldwide # of suicides outnumbered deaths in murders/wars – @ottoscharmer1: Global Presencing Forum


by Jonathan Rottenberg:

Our highly personalized reaction to Robin Williams’s suicide, and our inability to sustain a national conversation about the depression epidemic after his death, provide important clues about why we’ve made so little progress in addressing this problem.


Kevin Briggs

also here:


sept 2014:

WHO releases first global report on suicide prevention


tweets via Taleb:

The suicide rate in Belgium is >1.7 x both suicide & homicide rate in the U.S.

(yes, with “guns”). News turns normal people into idiots.

The suicide rate is Belgium is >4 times the total homicide rate in Lebanon,

(including war violence & suicide). News makes people clueless.

The suicide rate is Japan is >6 times the total homicide rate in Lebanon,

(including war violence & suicide). News makes people clueless.


mental health






Nadine Burke Harris – early adversity – aces=4 – suicide 12 times higher

Graham Moore

Kevin Owocki

Jane Costello

Virginia Woolf

Jacelyn Charger


Tim Ferriss on suicide:


on masking depression:

maladaptive perfectionism


on suicide being a match for debt from debt footnotes. (as myth)


dark side to start ups:


suicide on campus:


video – of survivor from golden gate bridge jump:


guns and suicide


greenland highest suicide rate in world  -via Tom:

The details blurred into one long, dismal memory of bodies found and parents crying and silent funerals where no one ever asked the question that everyone was wondering.



In Greenland, the problem was only getting worse. Between 1970 and 1980, the suicide rate there quadrupled to about seven times the U.S. rate (it’s still about six times higher). The suicide rate was, and still is, so high that it’s not an exaggeration to say that everyone in Greenland knows someone who has killed himself. Many people I spoke with struggled to explain what that felt like, to live in a place where suicide is so pervasive, and most of them settled uncomfortably on the same word: normal.


Atsa answered thousands of calls during her time on the hotline, and for her, there was a clear pattern behind Greenland’s suicides. Love, she says. Or, loss of it.


There’s also something broader — a loss of identity that happens when a culture, in this case Inuit culture, is demonized and broken down. When a culture is largely erased over less than a generation, as it was in Greenland, a lot of young people feel cut off from the older generations, but not really part of the new one.


The first one said Loneliness. Being lonely for long time. Being lonely in whole life.

Number three read simply Love.


shared by shay on fb – cause is never simply suicide – quit saying committed suicide


my revolutionary suicide – by Melissa Harris-Perry

already dead.. to oppression/patriarchy/sexism/racism/homophobia/hatred..


aug 2016 – suicide in co


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The thing most likely to kill me is me


via Dougald‘s crossed lines #11.. via Anne..  et al.. on suicide ness.. and how it’s been going up for white middle class males (w no college degree).. and how those are ones voting for trump ness

Case-Deaton death rate study, but seen through the eyes of someone living in one of those counties, someone who has been sitting in with the Medical Examiner:

A typical day would include three overdoses, one infant suffocated by an intoxicated parent sleeping on top of them, one suicide, and one other autopsy that could be anything from a tree-felling accident to a car wreck (this distribution reflects that not all bodies are autopsied, obviously.) You start to long for the car wrecks…

Unlike the AIDS crisis, there’s no sense of oppressive doom over everyone. There is no overdose-death art. There are no musicals. There’s no community, rising up in anger, demanding someone bear witness to their grief. There’s no sympathy at all. The term of art in my part of the world is “dirtybutts.” Who cares? Let the dirtybutts die.

You know, I could just repost every other paragraph of that piece here, but really you should go and read the whole thing.
same post:
Yeah I know, not fun and games – the shouts, the smashing glass, the headlights on the lawn, but what am I supposed to do, raise my kid to stay one step ahead of the inspectors and don’t, for the love of god, don’t ever miss a payment on your speeding ticket? A noose is something I know how to fight. A hole in the frame of my car is not. A lifetime of feeling that sense, that “ohhhh, shiiiiiit…” of recognition that another year will go by without any major change in the way of things, little misfortunes upon misfortunes… a lifetime of paying a grand a month to the same financial industry busily padding the 401k plans of cyclists in spandex, who declare a new era of prosperity in America? Who can find clarity, a sense of self, any kind of redemption in that world?’
the morning after by Meggie Royer (via fb share by shay)
Chris Cornell: Suicide Epidemic – Why? Russell Brand The Trews (E422)
the dreams we are sold.. even when we achieve them appear illusionary
comparison you’re making inside you’re head.. my life should not be like this..

how can we create the conditions for more fruitful convos about what it means to be vulnerable in these conditions.. but also.. the ways in which society itself says.. this is what you need to do to feel happy

hari present in society law
hari rat park law
fb share by heidi h g – death by 1000 cuts

Excellent @WIRED piece on the dismantling of Senior House at @MIT and what it means for colleges more broadly:…

“I can’t tell you how many times I heard that Senior House saved a student’s life,” Feldmeier says. He points out that despite MIT’s high suicide rates—12.6 per 100,000 students in the years between 2010 and 2015 (the national collegiate average is 7.5)—Senior House hasn’t had a suicide in more than 20 years.

This isn’t surprising. People from marginalized groups do better when they find each other, according to psychological research. “Belonging to groups has really positive consequences, especially for mental and physical health,” says Dominic Packer, associate professor of psychology at LeHigh University, who studies group dynamics and the effects of ostracism.

Over and over again people say Senior House was the first place they’d ever not felt judged. What they are describing is, in many ways, a safe place.


jun 2017 – on suicide

Ourselves As Our Biggest Threat

un- every year 800 000 people commit suicide on global scale.. larger number than amount of people that die in armed conflict and natural disasters combined..

what kind of cancer has hijacked consciousness/amygdala to make people’s very selves be their biggest threat/risk-factor

we’ve already been told that depression and anxiety are being diagnosed at epidemic levels.. that there is a fundamental fracture in our collective psyche.. that our hunger for meaning.. our desire for cosmic heroism..

tolstoy: man’s inability to live w/o a way to bridge the finite with the infinite is severely under threat

we don’t have faith anymore in large numbers.. we don’t have a connection with something large than ourselves.. starved for deeper meaning/significance.. seekers.. hungry for something else.. yet we can’t seem to find what we’re looking for

the moviegoer by percy walker: the search is what anyone would undertake if they were not sunk in the everyday ness .. the gravity.. the swamp.. of his own lives.. to merely become aware of the possibility of the search is to be onto something.. not to be onto something is to be in despair

rev of everyday life.. of alive/awake/free people

today.. this is our crisis.. our societies.. our cities.. our social structures.. are organized in a way that is oppressive to way too many of us.. does not allow for acts of cosmic heroism.. for symbolic slaying of the dragon

hari present in society law

hari rat park law

some people are so poor all they have is money.. and so.. i think we need to rethink this whole picture of how we organize our lives..

let’s try a nother way .. sans money ness


.. come out with better symbolic structures that allow our psyches to merge with some higher meaning.. so that our lives can stand for something.. this i think.. could be our cure

let’s try this structure/cure: cure ios city

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way