time and space

what we need:

Spaces of permission where people have nothing to prove.

never nothing

time and busyness

Austin & Lucas on owning space (and the need to find your people, rather than just facilitating/helping other people with their projects)


John Cleese – creativity via time & space

Glennon Doyle Melton – everyone can find answers – if given time and space


there is no time to blame





from Mitch Albom‘s timekeeper:












6/1/16 1:01 PM
The one thing all school leaders are missing about tech – learnmaker.co.uk/blog/sh583ozrw…

Use technology to create more time in your institute by targeting the areas that drain the most of it. Administration, paperwork and marking can all be transformed at relatively low costs with the likes of Google Apps for Education or others.

Only then will you see what you’ve been missing all along.

article cranks me.. and is spot on.. if whole enough to be about…. rev of everyday life..not B in schools alone

so read…. use tech to create more time in your day by targeting areas that drain most if it.. B, school, work for pay, verifying ness, B, …

a nother way

hosting life bits

for (blank)’s sake


Peter Vander Auwera (@petervan) tweeted at 6:21 AM – 14 Feb 2020 :
“temporality is to time as architecture is to space” – MJD 58,889 https://t.co/iQzzWUuGAB (http://twitter.com/petervan/status/1228308329342099456?s=17)