let’s not wait

[disclaimer: this isn’t about guns or no guns, school or no school, government or no government, this is about the human spirit, it’s about love. and we can’t keep waiting.]

a plan.

a simple quiet revolutionary plan.

to get at the root of everything.


let's not wait

[huff po’s map of 2244 shootings since sandy hook]

gun death

gun deaths graphic


adam lanza post


Andrew Solomon

why not yet

on hold ness

i need you to wake up


from Charles Eisenstien’s ch 9 -vai @fabianacecin: Because I don’t link to Charles Eisenstein nearly enough: charleseisenstein.net/books/the-more…

why this is so urgent.. we can’t keep waiting.. the lag time (for good – take care of people, or bad – spend 8 hrs a day in our jobs) still kills us..


via greg: if in luxury… creativity/pleasantry/kindness/et-al flourishes/regenerates/exponentiates.. but if in an oppressive situation.. not so much.. ie: from mom to those fleeing syria.. waiting for us to lend a hand… a turtle shell… on our off hours.. when they are waiting alone 24/7

add to hannah arendt’s (p of p) – the need for spontaneity in politics (more than one in a gathering/community)… w/o this freedom for spontaneity.. can’t hear self/others 24/7.. so we miss much (can only hear after hours..).. and.. we become accomplices to oppression because of our busy ness (work hours et al).. we go back to our lives.. while they are still sitting alone.. or swimming/traveling/struggling for survival..