free art\ists

to min and max david graeber

what if free art\ists (meaning art\ists set free) frees us all..?

what if money/policy/credentialing/proof is getting in the way of our breathing/being/eudaimonia\tive surplus..? .. of a global systemic change..?

let’s do this first.


via Dougald Hine (@dougald)
Rereading @markravenhill‘s Edinburgh speech from 2013 – if you work anywhere near the arts and haven’t read it, do –…

If I didn’t have to fill in forms, tick boxes, prove how good, nice, worthy me and my project are to a well meaning gatekeeper maybe I’d make something better – more truthful, more radical?

document everything (and nothing) ness in spaces of permission with nothing to prove

zinn quote on people energy


krishnamurt free will law