pia mancini

pia mancini


intro’d to Pia via tedglobal 2014 – How to upgrade democracy for the Internet era:

clueless to the model.. need a convo about democracy in our day and age

what we have now – one makes decision for many.. get to vote every 4 yrs.. have to have fair bit of money/influence.. or devote entire life….we can choose authorities.. but completely left out on how those authorities make decisions

so two results: silence or noise

conflict is bond to happen between a system that no longer represents.. nor has any dialogue capacity

in order to be part of convo.. we need to know what we want to do next

democracy.. not just voting.. bringing millions onto streets..

if internet is new printing press.. then what is democracy for the internet era..

i don’t have the answer.. i don’t think no one does..

marshal mcluhan – politics is solving today’s problems w/yesterday’s tools..

so we asked.. can we have politics w/tools we use today… ie: democracy os – as platform for making info accessible.. but also as a way to channel our disagreement.. and vote how you want rep to vote.. (liquid demo) .. two way convos…

decision making ness

tech wasn’t going to do the trick.. we needed to find actors that would grab this distributed policy…

we took leap of faith – funded own political party…. we only voted what citizens decided on the platform.. we needed to have a way to hack the system…

transform noise and silence into signal..  most definitely worth trying..

indeed. we can’t not.

a nother way

io dance et al


re intro’d to her  – and adding page via this edge fb share:


Pia Mancini: “We have a system where voting once every couple of years is the input that you have into politics.”

“There’s so much that is out of sync between the state, the government and the younger generation,” she says. “A huge divide exists between how we organise and communicate in our everyday lives, and how these old institutions expect us to interact with them.”

One of Mancini’s central projects, DemocracyOS, provides a platform for citizens to engage with politics away from those outdated structures. When a new piece of legislation is brought to congress in Argentina DemocracyOS is used to immediately translate and explain it in plain language. Citizens are also able to discuss and directly “vote” on these new bills using the site or desktop app.

Just two years after it was created, the platform is already being used by the federal government in Mexico to gather feedback on policy proposals, and by an NGO called iWatch to give voice to the Tunisian public in political decision-making.


In Argentina, there are so many crises that people are happier to take risks on a new idea.”

As a young person with strong political opinions and knowledge, Mancini often finds herself defending her generation against accusations of apathy and disinterest towards democracy and politics. “If there’s something that we’re not as a generation, it’s apathetic,” she says. “We are not engaging with the current political systems, but that’s not the same thing. The avenues that political institutions propose for us to engage with are extremely poor.”


The project that brought Mancini to California, Open Collective, allows groups who collect and spend money together to operate in full transparency, from collecting membership fees or donations to reimbursing expenses with one click. Anyone who contributes funds to the collective can view all of the group’s transactions at any time. Her newest project, Democracy.Earth, launched last month and centres on smart contract technology, computer protocols that automatically execute the terms of a contract and will allow decentralised governance of any organisation – from cities to corporations; student unions to football teams.


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Cofounder of OpenCollective@democracyOS & @partidodelared YC15 | go.ted.com/gnL | The X-Lab | IFTF | Par de una sociedad en red.


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Pia Mancini is one of the founders of the Net Party, a political party headquartered in Argentina. She is also a co-founder of DemocracyOS, which is for free source decisions in order to give more weight to the opinions of citizens (direct democracy). Her political goal is to make a “democracy of the 21st century” that would result in greater impact of citizens in politics, notably through new technologies, with the Internet as the main element.

Her TED talk, How to Upgrade Democracy for the Modern Era, garnered over a million views. She is currently involved in efforts to port the DemocracyOS system to a number of different countries, via a number of different political organisations.

democracy os/earth

smart contracts


pia mancini (@piamancini) tweeted at 4:54 AM on Thu, Jul 12, 2018:
Did a talk at PDF about how nation states are being challenged and why we need to think what democracy we want today https://t.co/vZ43jPS0aq IMHO limiting ourselves to criticizing what we have without bringing about an alternative is part of the problem.

24 min talk (jun 2018):

2 min – one of core from nation states being challenge is the right to give us an id.. to tell us we are someone in the world.. corp’s are trying to do that.. trying to control our minds and challenging states by doing it.. so states losing monopoly on control of data


2nd thing states are losing.. monopoly on providing a currency (way to transact).. bitcoin started separation of money and state.. for first time having a currency is no longer an accident of birth.. we can choose our currencies


3 min – nation state also being challenged as the only institutional global actor.. ie us pulling out of climate accord.. they decide doing it anyway w/o us.. shifting from fed govt to lower level govt

4 min – what’s coming next..? governance structures.. we are the consequence of political institutions we have.. today.. hierarchical.. few speak for many.. we are still living w this

6 min – generating two results..

1\ silence.. apathy.. i don’t think we’re apathetic.. i think we have a system that encourages apathy.. ie: convo amongst the few

2\ a lot of noise..

7 min – part of problem.. we’re org’d around territory you live.. where you were born.. but we are diff now.. why still bound by territory..

8 min – problem is.. we need to build something instead.. what do we want to build.. if we don’t convo that.. power vacuum.. filled by demagogues.. military..

9 min – my suggestion.. democracy earth – open source social smart contract.. where we discus democracy we’d like ot see.. at same time building a protocol

10  min – first question.. who do we trust.. my suggestion.. we should trust our selves a bit more.. i suggest liquid democracy.. where who we trust shifts.. bottom up

11 min – id mech (ie: registered daughter on blockchain before state or corp); voting mech (use blockchain to register in corruptible votes);

16 min – wake up every morning.. rather than fight.. what do you want to build instead

as it could be..

2 convos.. as infra

ie: hlb via 2 convos that io dance.. as the day..[aka: not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake…]..  a nother way

18 min – on id.. we need to see ourselves as peers of a commons

23 min – when we can start mining blockchain w alt energy

24 min – if we know how much energy it costs to maintain the bitcoin/blockchain.. that’s great.. do we know how much energy it costs to support the us dollar..?