bend your ear ness

might i bend your ear..

thinking along these lines when i first said it (to myself) and sent it to Will)

bend someon's ear

then found this.. and yeah.. can make it fit too..

bend ear wiki

no doubt i’ll talk too long.. and with mounds of idiosyncratic jargon. if it bores you.. that’s good info. just means.. catch you later..

and no doubt on: i think you ought to know..

be\cause (from Seth’s post next day ish)

seth on system

we can.

we can’t not..


adding page specifically when offering to bend Will‘s ear.. but could be for anyone

ie: hoping to bend these folks (web\ing) ears soon. and eventually (exponentially fast).. everyone’s.


[ramble/flow.. might clean/link later]

2008 ish – do it for yourself first (later iteration – graeber model law – though i took will’s as more.. so you could see/know/grok.. and david’s more as .. only way for others to see/know/grok/try)

so many that i saw/heard.. and so i dove in (dave, george, michel, sugata, b bratton, b barber, david david david, vinay vinay vinay…. long long list)… then when i kept coming back.. i noticed much of the time the – shiny/*speaker-ness/where-the-money-is-ness.. kept getting in way of (compromising) their dreams/words/soul..

*i’m not a speaker.. perhaps that’s by design.. my crazy/idiosyncracies have kept/protected me from shiny distractions.. or sincere requests of time.. et al.. just like ie: hosting life bits makes privacy/security/property et al.. irrelevant..

so… i (never just me) have chosen to focus/do/be/grok deeply.. systemic/100% ness. ie: where 7 billion plus (because equity – everyone getting a go everyday – is what gets me up everyone morning.. keeps me up at night) can leap to a nother way to live.. in the shortest amount of time possible.. i’m thinking less than a year.. if we are wise enough.. have the right connections..

and so what i’ve learned.. incremental ness perpetuates not-us-ness. our waiting/lagging/partial ness is killing us..

via @fabianacecin: Because I don’t link to Charles Eisenstien nearly enough:…

basically saying.. wouldn’t want to live in a world.. be a part of a revolution.. that didn’t take care of a 95 yr old [or a 5/15/25/55… yr old ie: fleeing syria; locked-up/oppressed/kept-out via some prison (all forms); …

why this is so urgent.. we can’t keep waiting.. the lag time, the putting people on hold, whether it’s from:

good – taking care of people (mom et al)

busyness – (spend 8 hrs a day in our jobs)


is killing us..


via greg: if in luxury… creativity/pleasantry/kindness/et-al flourishes/regenerates/exponentiates.. but if in an oppressive situation.. not so much.. ie: from mom to those fleeing syria.. waiting for us to lend a hand… a turtle shell… on our off hours.. when they are waiting alone 24/7

add too.. hannah arendt’s (p of p) – the need for spontaneity in politics (more than one in a gathering/community)… w/o this freedom for spontaneity.. can’t hear self/others 24/7.. so we miss much (can only hear after hours..).. and.. we become accomplices to oppression because of our busy ness (work hours et al).. we go back to our lives.. while they are still sitting alone.. or swimming/traveling/struggling for survival..

and then there’s this from yanis..

‘what gave power was claim it was only social theory that was peddling universal truths to be proven by math means’

‘i blame them for creating math models/sermons proving riskless to allow more damage than would have otherwise’

from A discussion with Noam Chomsky worth revisiting at this post-Brexit juncture @nypl @holdengraber…

thinking roger martin.. and how we let reliability oriented people decide everything.. no matter how distant they are to the situation

mostly be\cause… totay is an incredible opp.. for all of us to leap.. to a nother way (that has to be modeled.. not *talked/pimped/sold/bought/forced/et-al

craziest question/attitude… seeking proof that it/whatever works ( toward system change our souls beg) because.. if you have proof it works… it doesn’t work..

if what we are doing worked.. it would have gone global by now. web we have today would turn a truly working system on it’s head.. regenerate itself exponentially.. w/in a year.. to the entire world. but only if we kept/keep it..whole/true/free. since we keep doing partials.. we never sync/serendip/ing enough.

huge george here. – pools of innovation everywhere.. need glue/structure to affect the research.. (research is ok word.. if seeing it like experimenting.. ie: that 7 billion people have to be doing it 24/7 in order for it to be real/natural.. so really – rev of everyday life ness)

to will.. you could help many people (in Ed) let go.. calm us all for a year just to see.. (ie: bruce ward, district employees, city peoples..)….ie: prospect 1000, roosevelt 150 (dunbar\ish).. but that’s just here.. and doesn’t have to be here.. can be wherever..



so here it is.. the bending of the ear ness

thinking/web\ing (more here on people):

pascal– 1 – be you closet (for detox) – missing piece/desire #1

family/tribe – 7 – be you house room – missing piece/desire #2

freeman – 15ish – be you house (web in house)

dunbar\ish – 150 – alliance – rp (& diff languages spoken here.. not just know.. actively spoken.. and.. next light ness.. et al) and/or.. refugee camps – anywhere.. but local.. perhaps nederland [3d printing meets hexayurt.. makes it circular…no..?..very eagle and condor ish] – w hexayurts and/or 3d printed and/or crate houses.. whatever..

city/globe/ni – 1000 plus – prospect

rewire: ni


like original bp.. 7 mill (people), 8 mill (resources),  5 mill (tech) .. ibp.. ness

so for roosevelt..

work: would pay all rent (about 2 mill?) and talk to all employers..? to get a sabbatical ok’d.. so job guaranteed at end of year if doesn’t work
school: unschooled .. zac and doug and will and …? working with district to do.. convince them of the need to not record.. match to credentials.. but to just allow anyone to leave a trail… trust the app/chip output.. ie: jerry’s, maria’s, mine… to be enough… xiu’s input on this.. ie: trying to get little brother paid for so he could be freed up to join xiu.. craziness..
re gen ness



we have to leap. we have to model a nother way to live..

so many people are saying.. i can’t/won’t take this anymore.. (ie: refugees, brexit ness, occupy ness, .. ).. but then adding/showing that they’re not sure what to do next.. and/or they’re unable to do what they’d like for whatever reasons.. and/or the plan didn’t/doesn’t include making sure everyone could join in..

let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

a nother way

ie: hosting life bits via self talk as data