democratic admin

adding page while re re re re re reading david graeber‘s utopia of rules:


not because thee objects are somehow intrinsically difficult to admin democratically

rather.. it’s the thinking in terms/realms of admin/democratic ness – any form of m\a\p

.. history is full of communities that successfully engage in the democratic admin of common resources.. 

i don’t think we have any ie’s of that – and so we just keep perpetuating tragedy of the non common

upon re re re read: actually demo admin is the problem.. so ok sure. we’ve seen/perpetuated that tragedy


*signs of real democratic life are entirely absent in the show (star trek) – no character ever makes even a passing ref to elections, political parties, divisive issues, opinion polls, slogans plebiscites, protest, or campaigns..

that’s good no? all those are red flags we’re doing it/life wrong

gotta get rid of the infra.. that demands response over action.. democratic admin and *what democracy looks like


Those looking for democracy are better off looking in places outside the purview of the state, on pirate ships, or frontier communities.

Original Tweet:

It’s not just that culture can’t explain tendencies toward democracy. It’s that democracy has no origins in any particular culture at all. Contrary to what many people believe about the origins of democracy, Graeber believed that democracy meant nothing other than the *practice of communal self-governance.

By this definition, democracy has no origin story — at least since humans began associating with one another. What he called “democratic practice,” or **decision making in an egalitarian manner, occurs everywhere. The problem, Graeber writes, is that we have a system that’s a product of elite compromise to prevent “mob rule” as democracy, at the expense of the real thing.

i don’t think.. even in the spaces inbetween.. we’ve yet see a legit *practice of communal self-governance – it’s always been too laced w **decision making and democratic admin.. because it hasn’t yet been for everyone .. that’s what’s different today.. we have the means to facil/hear that everyone ness


on needing to let go of thinking we need democratic admin of:

1\ voice.. ie from museum of care meetings – not sure what which reading group.. but one of them toward end a woman was asking when next admin mtg would be .. as she kept coming to reading groups by mistake and was wanting to voice something at an admin mtg.. democratic admin ness

2\ resources.. ie from undisturbed ecosystem et al and have\need.. and not being about org resources as much as it is about 8b people grokking enough ness


seeing democracy as decision making as consensus as direct action as as if already free ness .. as democratic admin.. as any form of m\a\p ..  as unmooring us

we need to let go of all that.. otherwise we’re just perpetuating tragedy of the non common


seat at the table ness