i’m dreaming of a dance

..where all my thinking/connecting/journaling/reading/documenting/sharing/listening .. can hear each other enough.. to move together.

arzu journalmy brain 4

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imagining — taking a walk, and if i so choose, my wondering/noticings becomes visible/documented/held, the things i see are documented, the conversations i might have are remembered.

imagining — meeting up with people, and again, via voice (easiest for me), my personal fabrication of a wearable/watchable – is at my command, taking stuff in, sharing stuff back out, taking care of and/or uncovering the details/busy-ness/prejudices/misunderstandings/breathtakingness/connectedness/awe, … helping me to pay attention to the world all around me, as ambient awareness – as virtual/actual peripheral vision.

as awake.

Thad‘s glasses, Jerry‘s brain, Maria’s brainpickings, Hameed’s glossarySandy‘s sociometer, Arzu‘s journal/art, commonplace book/instagram nessbirth of a word ness.. all of it, and more, on steroidshlb trail ie’s et al

and because of that..

i dance better. i see myself better.

i dance better with others. i see them better.

and so, the technology/web, becomes my dance partner.. as it let’s me go and frees me up.. to see.. to be me.


and to dance with you.

output\self-talk as data ness.

io dance ness


like Julio does..

remembering nic’s amo la vida

oh the dance


networked individuaism graphic

a quiet revolution’s possible scenario.. a qr film


the dance

ie: a nother way for all of us to live