site as (my) brain

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imagine this site ( as my/your/anyone’s brain. (modeling what an app might output.. as a means to undo our hierarchical listening)

suppose we go with it being mine.. only because much of its flavors/pages were/are either translated/interpreted/gathered by me from many brilliant people’s insights et al… or were/are residue of my thinking/connecting/wondering..

so you can see the site (2014 with 3000 ish pages) as someone’s incomplete/ongoing trail (application, resume, commonplace book, credentials, non-linear portfolio, brain, ….)

often times (at least for me), a means to have conversations with myself and with authors as i read their books.

with a search button – so anyone could see w/in a couple minutes if there are any nodes/pages/experiences/insights this person (perhaps me) has had that relate to you. or just see them a little better. and they can see (and remember) themselves a little better. (augmented brain)

imagine tech doing more of this documenting for the person.. simply from their daily talking to self…which would free them up to do/be more in the moment. more in eudaimonia.

[not to mention tech using the daily self-talk to daily help people find their people, by suggesting local connections via word recognition etal]


and so…

i am dreaming of a dance..

like notes you’ve kind of prepared for life.. but that you aren’t tied to.. so that you can live the moment.. ie: mary catherine (vulnerability of context – jumping in ness) and michael (thinking with thought ness) … like.. could i/we be linkable as we speak (in any form) to/with others.. created each one .. our own language in a sense.. or perhaps.. unearthing a more complete language..?

what if a site/collection such as this, is your access into me. crafted ongoingly via tech that listens to me w/out agenda/judgment. leaving a *trail, like a searchable/linkable commonplace-book, for me/you to tap into when/if needed/desired. leaving us freed up (from all the documenting/recruiting/proving/judging/..) to do the thing we can’t not doin the city. as the day.

wikipedia style, so that it’s accessible via whatever curiosity you have.

nothing to prove style, so that i/we-all spend more on eu\daimon\ia ness than on proving ness.

what if we focused on self-talk as data. where tech takes our curiosities in, organizes them, connects them/us. so that i’m not spending my time jumping through hoops and into boxes for you (not a person’s best side), and you aren’t spending your time trying to find me and then wondering/deciding if you should trust me (most people are other people, especially when trying to impress).

*trail: perhaps one much better than this site represents me just now. because tech is good at gathering/searching/connecting too-much ness. and spitting it back out per your preferred style of taking it in, ie: another flavor – jerry’s brain. tech documents for/with me, organizes for easy search/connect for you. and me. freeing us up to eudaimonia. reality analysis ness; another flavor – maria’s brainpickingshlb trail ie’s