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a word (why):


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another word:


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two words/needs – we need to org around legit needs

two legit/deep needs via 20 slides:

a nother way

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two words (how):

be you.

undisturbed ecosystem

augmenting interconnectedness

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three words (how):

imagine if we

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five words (how):

quiet enough to see it

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several words (what):

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two things

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three ship ables

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a question:

what if the map/key is already within each person and we just need to facilitate/uncover that?

working within that belief..

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a vision:

as the concept of public education (ie: drawing out all the people) unfolds/deschools/detoxes, funding (if we even use/need money) currently spent on education, and then health, politics, war, .., would go toward enlivening the city/community. as a commons. in the city. as the day.

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vision versions (3) & rat park

revolution of everyday life ness

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a suggestion:

let’s do this first

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a quote:

keri most people quote

working on a means to get us back to us ..

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another quote:

there are pools

working on that structureless structure..

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a graphic:

wisdom graphic

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another graphic:

story graphic

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another graphic:

people experiment via cure ios city

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another graphic:

a people experiment detailed graphic

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why ..unrest/unmet-needs

from a wondering about stress.. (aka: our common possession/addiction/oppression to (un-wanted) stress – to some degree): was it from school/work, was it climate, was it war/bullying, was it economic, was it health… or.. all of the above. so – we listened for a problem that might be deep enough for 7 billion people to resonate with. today. (ie: climate change is huge.. but not deep enough to everyone, otherwise we’d have it solved. same with education, health, war, economy… )   2 needs: authenticity & attachment

a problem deep enough to get to the root/soul of all of us.


how ..still/listen/restore-ourselves

to a realization that this was about a systemic change (ie: 100% of humanity) – we thought perhaps public ed might be a good vehicle/jump-start/framing to for it. as it permeates most people to some degree – (12+ years and ensuing mindset.) but ed only as an access or framing point. the vision/focus is actually a deschooling/deprogramming society. so no longer talking within sectors (ie: 3rd grade, math,, politics, war, economics, ..) we wondered/experimented/prototyped/iterated on how to make focus on 2 needs accessible/useful to everyone. today. and everyday.

a mechanism simple enough to hasten equity.



for a system/vision that would hasten equity for 7 billion people, as well as perpetuate their/our ongoing/regenerating open/free ness

a system open enough to set/keep all of us free.

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thinking restate/update 7.18

short findings restate in 2019





short bp

a story

a 3 minute video

what’s the problem

why not yet

here’s the deal

what i’ve seen

what i’m learning

storyboard (2008-present)

findings in failings

a qr film


city sketchup


business plan ish


a people experiment

document everything

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people’s take

imagination & play

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