What do you mean by systemic change?







if any of us have the luxury to be quiet enough and to zoom (in & out) enough.. we notice the situation we are in begs a (global) systemic change.













beyond any education system or economic system or health system or political system or environmental system or whatever siloed system, we should, and now can, affect a global systemic change.

a deep/honest look reveals some major man-made technologies that no longer bode us well. we can now render irrelevant, ie: work, school, money, politics, poverty, war, .. as better options are available/doable. in fact these better technologies have been available for a while, we just keep letting our policies/politics get in the way.

it’s time (past time) for us to model a nother way. perhaps one where self-talk is our data.

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any global systemic change begs:

a problem deep enough as to resonate with all the people today. (ie: all 7 billion people are not currently concerned with poverty issues)

a mechanism simple enough as to be accessible/usable by all the people today. (ie: there are no directions/trainings/manuals/languages all people can currently access, except that which is already inside them)

a system open enough as to free all the people today as well as ongoingly keep people free. (ie: the system itself needs to rely on all the people re-generating it daily in order for it to sustain)

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once we realize this.. once we go down this path of questioning things.. there’s really kinda no going back.. no?

zinn quote on people energy

we have all we need.

let’s do this first: free art\ists.


[to me.. that’s the singularity. everything just blurs into life. as the day.]

i’ll be using meta and deep enough interchangeably to mean – deep enough to get to the root/soul of all of us.. systemic ness


graeber model law:

never convince just do it graeber

so this – ie: 1 yr to be 5, 1 yr to try commons, ness…


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Buckminster, Bunker, AaronDaniel et al ..


“Unless an innovation lab is attached to something big, it’ll be limited—often unnoticed” @alwalji via @unreasonable

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help reduce systemic constraints to innovation systematically.
ie: constraint 1: we need bank/money.. (quote above written from world bank guy)
A profit-obsessed system isn’t compatible w/ either human rights or the natural limits of earth. – Bree Newsome
realize a human life/practice absolutely outside determinations of the law -Giorgio Agamben, highest poverty – eudaimonia
this post from Seth is ginormously small to systemic change.. anchoring can sink you:
joseph blame game law
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Bob Marshall (@flowchainsensei) tweeted at 6:21 AM – 3 Aug 2018 :
Gall’s Law:
“A complex system that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. A complex system designed from scratch never works and cannot be patched up to make it work. You have to start over with a working simple system.” ~ John Gall (
school system as major reason for play deprivation.. begs systemic change:
why change outside school system (notes from rest of Peter‘s post)
thinking in systems.. meadows undisturbed law.. undisturbed ecosystem