on hold ness


same on issuu


this has been a huge red light.. as i help move/listen to mom and take in the happenings in the world ..in total.

we want to help people… but in our busy ness… (to get enough money to get through the day.. or to get through the day to get enough money.. or.. to measure the moneys to make sure there’s not risk.. and nothing seems unfair..) .. we end up

putting people on hold

stilly in hoops

ie: whether in an unfurnished/incomplete apartment.. or a prison to corral people fleeing their country.. or a kid wanting to change the world… (xiu – having to finish college before can contribute).. while we spend our days talking/debating.. whether we should focus on: teaching or learning; leaving or remaining; this/that person/policy/price/whatever..

to us.. the lag time (time ness) is just part of societal norm.. and we’re busy.. so it’s not so huge. to us. but to the person in need of some kind of assistance (mostly because they don’t have the basis of our current, manmade operating system.. money.. plus they have been stripped/oppressed/de-shelled by all of us.. in some way) .. the minutes, the hours, the days, the months, the years .. blare/blind/oppress.. in ginormously small ways.. each second an eternity..

and too.. because it’s been modeled so beautifully.. the person(s) on hold too.. put the ginorm/small parts of themselves on hold.. ie: piano/mind and pool/body.. not a priority.. even though.. that is the thing/therapy/need/medicine..whatever

the lag time is keeping us from us.. because it’s keeping most of us down. [like it held Kalief down…]

we can’t wait until the lease is up, or our busy work is done, or retirement kicks in (see xiu.. not just college as a marker of waiting), or the money balances out.. ad infinitum….. we can’t just keep waiting.. while so many are dying.. especially when we have the means.. now.. to try something diff.. for all of us..


ie: brexit ness.. and refugee ness and greek debt ness and…


n addition, there is the ticking time bomb of the Greek debt crisis, there is a looming global financial meltdown and there is a refugee crisis, which has not been solved but just *sealed from our attention.

*sealed from our attention – putting people on hold ness


let’s not wait

i need you to wake up

why not yet

busyness.. et al




6/28/16 4:22 AM
The Connected City Summit has begun. Debate on City Leadership to face challenges of delivering connectivity is on! pic.twitter.com/CbbIpT9rWN
so this conf and iste and everything… going on… while people w/o money.. put on hold..
While shooting, Orlando gunman searched Facebook to see if he made waves & texted wife to see if he was in the news. pic.twitter.com/5clDevMpx2
@GlennF Yeah. He went from bullied skinny kid to huge steroid-muscular guy.
#Brexit cost investors $2 trillion, the worst one day drop ever

RIP, Len Sassaman: cypherpunk and anonymity hacker #5yrsago
https://t.co/uD0iHl40e6 https://t.co/v6ov2Dgr6s

Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/doctorow/status/750041890179936256

lost his battle w depression – while we kept his dreams.. for us … on hold..
We were reimagining our world, riddled with cryptosystems that would mathematically enforce the freedoms that we treasured.
How many people have killed themselves over student loan debt?
https://t.co/JrajykeW6lOriginal Tweet: https://twitter.com/BryanAlexander/status/749617860675330048

We know little about life in corporate-run prisons. I took a job as a guard to get inside. Then things got crazy.https://t.co/5fQzA7fS4f

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A 19 year old Berkeley student is one of the victims in this tragic event. Adora and Tarishi was in the same orientation before their summer internship. I am crying for her parents and her friends. Innocent and beautiful lives lost don’t just happen to other people it happens to all of us. It could easily be my daughter, her schoolmate’s life lost saddens all of us, her parents’ lost is our loss. #‎Bangladesh‬ ‪#‎Bangladeshsiege‬
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Like clockwork. After each such incident, Turkey issues a a “media ban.” Wrong, unhelpful–and ineffective anyway.
Istanbul toll now at 45, with death of a 4-year old Jordanian child. Any claims ISIS is popular in the Muslim world is knowingly dishonest.

On Turkey, and the sinking boat called civilization  https://t.co/zVDDkTqdlU https://t.co/ZNPXMwRLp5

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suicide bombers kill 200 plus in baghdad
The death toll from the Karada, Baghdad attack has risen again. Now nearly 300 dead.
anxiety, depression, suicide
chelsea, kalieframsey, ……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………
never ending..
people ..
people like us..
put on hold..
from David Graeber‘s rev in reverse (p 3):
situations where kings, politicians, celebrities or CEOs prance about oblivious to almost everything around them while their wives, servants, staff, and handlers spend all their time engaged in the imaginative work of maintaining them in their fantasies.
and the beat goes on.. while obsessing over melania.. syrians killed

Xiuhtezcatl fb share:

Future Generations Lose again at the third Presidential Debate – “It is a tragic failure that a question about the most pressing crisis we face on this planet was never asked!”


what’s crazy is.. your generation is thinking it has to have a seat at the table (ie: topic of debate convo).. when you have so much power – in the interconnectedness tech allows – that table is not longer an issue..

let’s take ourselves (all of us) off hold.. and boldly disengage from irrelevants..

a nother way .. ie: hosting-life-bits via self-talk as data


Kon Karapanagiotidis (@Kon__K) tweeted at 7:03 AM – 14 Dec 2016 :

@dameilaa great we will start feb have our community action project starting in Brisbane focusing on changing attitudes and advocacy (http://twitter.com/Kon__K/status/809036152648802304?s=17)

this is why too… not till feb… and for action project

people on the ground too busy.. the on hold ness isn’t intentional..

Kon Karapanagiotidis (@Kon__K) tweeted at 4:58 AM – 14 Dec 2016 :

What’s happening in #Syria not normal, or just what happens in ME or #Muslim countries, it’s a genocide & world asleep b/c people not white (http://twitter.com/Kon__K/status/809004554389860352?s=17)



Documenting the suffering – and hopes – of Syrian refugees stuck in Greece medium.com/@Theopi/refuge… @TheopiSkarlatos

What does a person do when they feel like the whole world has given up on them?


While many mainstream media organisations spoke of refugees

only in terms of numbers,

refugee.tv set up a Facebook page with videos that reminded us that the people in camps were not just refugees, but artists, craftsmen, poets and chefs.


It is not easy living in the refugee camps. Conditions are often far from ideal and definitely not what I would want to end up in if I had just escaped war. But the conditions are not what caused the camp’s residents to become increasingly frustrated and upset.

It was the waiting.

Living in the camp is like attending an outdoor music festival, but without the music.

You live in a tent or an isobox, pee in a portaloo and need to adapt to all types of weather. And it feels permanent — nobody tells you when you can leave. Many refugees in Greece have now been moved into hotels, but they are so remote it can leave them feeling isolated, unwanted and unable to mix with society. Europe has failed them in helping them to relocate and they cannot continue their lives and enjoy the human rights they are entitled to until this changes.


so lost in the music and so completely happy in that moment, despite everything



tv as salve for on hold ness


Steve Lambert  (@SteveLambert) tweeted at 4:58 AM – 15 Sep 2018 :

Please @MayorJenny it’s been TWO YEARS and hundreds have needlessly died from overdose. How much longer do we have to wait? delaysmeandeaths. org —> https://t.co/4RkzCu2gBU (http://twitter.com/SteveLambert/status/1040917697511317504?s=17)


from seth on customer service (great fractal quote below.. but wish he wasn’t so consumed in consumerism)


the on-hold industrial complex has created an endless maze..what a waste


all the interrupt ing ness.. putting/keeping our lives/aliveness/fittingness on hold begs a means to undo our hierarchical listening


windrush doc – sitting in limbo