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from the app page:

For the first time ever (2015), Jerry Michalski has released an app on his very popular internet Brain. Thousands of people have used Jerry’s Brain as a resource on the Internet for the latest and greatest business practices, social and economic theories as well as thousands of trending technology topics. Now it’s all rolled in one app for the iPhone and iPad (the larger the screen, the better it works).


a quarter million Thoughts and growing as Jerry adds to it!


Jerry Michalski has spent the last 17+ years mapping his thoughts/connections/learnings/musings/wonderings.. as nodes, onto a platform called: the brain.

250,000+ nodes (and perpetually increasing in number).

think about that.

that’s a lot of work/sharing/curiosity/trust.

that’s a lot of revelation/insight/data/visibly-tangible-cognitive-surplus.

– –

Jerry is gifting us all with:

a look inside himself (vulnerability)

the time it took to manually document himself (generosity)

potential for betterness (ingenuity)

this is huge. a model of future us/ness. a means to richer interconnectedness.

and perhaps that’s what tech can do best for us. document us.

– –

the last 5 years, i‘ve been in the middle of some incredible/insightful/incubated experimentation. mostly seeking a problem deep enough that 7 billion people might resonate with. so that 7 billion people might pay enough attention to it. today. and everyday. (a self-rejuvenating sustainability)

what we settled on (from learning/reading/listening) are 2 needs: authenticity and attachment.

authenticity, it turns out is the #1 regret of the dying.. that they didn’t live a life more true to themselves.

attachment, being known by someone, invited to exist, has been compromised/abused/de-valued/twisted in so many ways and through so many channels says Gabor Maté, that seeking to reclaim attachment trumps authenticity for most of us, for most of our lives. we end up with great stress/addiction/consumerism/scarcity/oppression.

Johann Hari has said, that the opposite of addiction isn’t sobriety, it’s human connection. (aka: attachment)

– –

Amanda Palmer recounts, in the art of asking, her desire for Neil (her husband), to see/get her friendship with Anthony (her lifelong mentor), better/clearer/faster. she writes:

p. 263 – all i wanted was to plug Neil into my brain and show him the entire history of our friendship. the love.

so.. isn’t that what we all want/need..? a fast/deep dive into each other, into human connection.

knowing too, that as we share, the more we are seen, the more we realize ..our own authenticity is enough.

– –

what if this model, Jerry’s brain, is a means for us to dance with tech toward a closer embrace with each other. what if tech can help us see each other (and ourselves) more clearly.

Jerry’s brain is indeed a beautiful extension/actuality of what Clay Shirky calls cognitive surplus. if i needed some insight/answers/connections, i would certainly (and often do) run to access the knowledge/wisdom found in Jerry’s brain.

micah tweet

but/and, perhaps even more vital to humanity, if i were April, or countless others who dearly love/know Jerry, and so, ongoingly crave to see him more ..  to catch up to him.. i would perhaps swim there.

– –

imagine all of us (7 billion plus) with this kind of documentation. and with access to this kind of documentation of others.

imagine it happening simply from two daily conversations.

imagine we’re headed to…  eudaimonia\tive surplus.

– –

p. 316 – i/you/we are bigger on the inside…. than another one can ever see. – Amanda Palmer

let’s tap into that. no?

Society could use the enormous energy now idle, the skills and talents now unused. aka: all people.Howard Zinn

let’s tap into us.

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this site as prototype to app & as my brain… via self-talk as data via app/chip ness

other hlb trail ie’s


2018 – jerry’s brain

What has Jerry learned from his Brain? Find out:

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nobody else is having the experience i’m having


from inside jerry’s brain youtube convos – dec 11 2019 – []

33 min – we’re at a moment where all these narratives are in flux.. should we reconsider money, should we reconsider property and ownership, should we remember the commons .. i love this about this moment.. we’re at a moment where these are all ok/hot questions to be asking

let’s try/code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence.. ie: ubi as temp placebo..


34 min – (guy in middle): rather than going to ‘how to fix problem’.. go to.. what world do we want..

hilde.. changing questions we ask changes assumptions

let’s just facil daily curiosity  ie: cure ios city

2 convers as infra via tech as it could be..

38 min – doug: on basic needs .. starting w food and habitation

let’s go deeper.. ie: maté basic needs.. and trust that ie: food and habitation would then be taken care of as well

43 min – (from j’s brain) – we’re in an epidemic of not listening

begs a mech to listen to all the voices.. everyday.. ie: tech as it could be.

(gal in middle): how do we make that leap.. coming from that deeper knowing that our 3 and 4 yr old kids know

not yet scrambled ness.. 1 yr to be 5 ness…. see w heart

why leap not part\ial.. for (blank)’s sake..  a nother way

46 min – doughnut econ.. that i like but don’t like.. hard to navigate w/in a doughnut.. staying w/in boundaries.. feels like it’s not abundance mentality..

doughnut econ


braindate ness


global rethinking efforts are followed here by Jerry Michalski:
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we’re missing this rare global pause to reset ourselves.. ie: listen & connect to undo our hierarchical listening ie: 2 convers as infra