leap frog ging


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leap frog jump over

meaning – rather than go through a change incrementally/bureaucratically… jump right to where you want to be.


like so many examples from ie: africa – Toby et al

like David talking about – acting as if you’re already free.


what we need to do .. can do now. jump over all (clumping ness) the assumed steps to getting to a betterness.

a nother way ness.

rev in reverse ness.

[1 yr to be 5; 1 yr to try commons; ..]

global do-over


ie: rather than changing (patent et al) laws; getting money out of politics; ed reform;…. let’s leap frog to what we want. to where all the things that are keeping us from us become irrelevant.. ie: systemic change.

for (blank)’s sake



wikipedia small

More recently the concept of leapfrogging is being used in the context of sustainable development for developing countries as a theory of development which may accelerate development by skipping inferior, less efficient, more expensive or more polluting technologies and industries and move directly to more advanced ones. It is proposed that through leapfrogging developing countries can avoid environmentally harmful stages of development and do not need to follow the polluting development trajectory of industrialized countries. The adoption of solar energy technologies in developing countries are examples of where countries do not repeat the mistakes of highly industrialized countries in creating an energy infrastructure based on fossil fuels, but “jump” directly into the Solar Age.


[deep gratitude to all the meanwhile focused folks. freeing me/us up.. mentally at least.. to focus on leapfrogging. be\cause… i believe this is a moment in time.. where we can leapfrog to a space 7 billion of us crave. but for that dance to dance/sync.. it begs all of us….. jump at once. this.. from our time of experimentation.. and stop and go.. ness of free people.]