what are you doing with your free\dom?

greek bondservant

[greek for bondservant, who, after being a slave set free, chooses to serve]

perhaps.. we choose to serve.


perhaps .. the only way freedom will grow.


burke freedom law

none of us are free


bishop freedom law

orland bishop quote


i can never be mlk long


thurman interconnectedness law

interconnect thurman.png


(for me/us) the curiosity/experimentation we did was really about how to set people free.. what we found was that curiosity penetrates deeper than decision making.. more of an offense/aliveness than a defense (responding to a finite set of choices et al) and it is at this core where free\dom (getting/letting the whales out of sea world) can begin (again)


most common attribute of people who are waking up: loneliness

But our desire to fit in and be accepted is slowly being drowned out by our desire to be free.

like overcoming the big – attachment trumps authenticity.. as a global authenticity.. one ness..


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As long as you remain within that field of the culture, of society, of greed, of envy, of achievement, you are not a free human being. You may think you have free will, but you are just part of this monstrous society, a conditioned human being. – Krishnamurti

voluntary compliance .. manufacturing consent.. wilde not us law.. freedom.. spinach or rock.. et al


from graeber on caring labor and free dom – on this podcast:

49 min – why not instead of production and consumption we substitute caring and freedom.. caring primarily aimed at maintaining another person’s freedom.. what would you do to the world if you reimagined it that way.. t


graeber on bs jobs

WhiteHawkSpeaks (@WhiteHawkSpeaks) tweeted at 2:57 PM on Wed, Feb 13, 2019:
“David Graeber on capitalism’s best kept secret” by @PhilonomistEN

I suggest a Spinozian theory of caring labor. Caring work is aimed at maintaining or augmenting another person’s freedom. And the paradigmatic form of freedom is self-directed activity: play. Marx says at some point that you only achieve true freedom when you leave the domain of necessity and work becomes its own end. That’s also the common definition of play. Mothers take care of children so that they can play. Maybe we should have that as a paradigm for social value: we take care of each other so that we can be more free, enjoy life, experience freedom and playful activities. And we will have a much more psychologically healthy and ecologically sustainable society.

free\dom and play

gray play lawfreedom to quit

gray play deprived law


from david is funny:

52 min – it’s almost as if they’re trying to redefine freedom as owning a piece of your own perpetual subordination.

1:51 – democracy becomes this strange system where freedom means being able to own a piece of your own permanent exploitation

graeber and wengrow freedom law


total freedom

escape from freedom

as if already free ness