what are you doing with your free\dom?

greek bondservant

[greek for bondservant, who, after being a slave set free, chooses to serve]

perhaps.. we choose to serve.


perhaps .. the only way freedom will grow.


burke freedom law

none of us are free


bishop freedom law

orland bishop quote


i can never be mlk long


thurman interconnectedness law

interconnect thurman.png


most common attribute of people who are waking up: loneliness

But our desire to fit in and be accepted is slowly being drowned out by our desire to be free.

like overcoming the big – attachment trumps authenticity.. as a global authenticity.. one ness..


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As long as you remain within that field of the culture, of society, of greed, of envy, of achievement, you are not a free human being. You may think you have free will, but you are just part of this monstrous society, a conditioned human being. – Krishnamurti

voluntary compliance .. manufacturing consent.. wilde not us law.. freedom.. spinach or rock.. et al


total freedom

escape from freedom