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findings: from 5+ yrs of experimenting

(more details/graphics here: storyboard; and much more details/videos here: findings-in-failings; and shortest version here: short findings restate)

abstract: as in summary

(not as in existing in thought or as an idea but not having a physical or concrete existence .. rather a summary from live people experimenting)

– – –

1\ (2008-2009) – in the quiet of the noise

in some deep conversations

(200ish local and 200ish global – mostly youth in school settings)

we noticed a situation..

most people are stressed

(from all the things ie: grades; money; life; death;.. how people are suffocating from the day in many different ways)

most can’t wait till 3/5pm and/or the weekend.

we’ve got to change up how we’re spending our days.

we wondered if there might actually be a way to change how we were spending our days.. we asked permission to experiment the next year with self-directing.. within a space we already had (had to have) ..a math class

2\ (2009-2010) – in a math classroom

we (30) experimented with all the ways to self-direct in a school math setting.. but most weren’t in love with school math enough to self-direct w/o some reward.. and that reward compromised free time/thinking (ie: many ended up with a bunch of free time to pursue curiosities/interest.. but there was always a looming ‘is this free time legit in math class?’.. so the grade, other classes, the raised eyebrow,.. kept trumping energy)

people aren’t hungry for school math

for ie: school math..we’ve got to question all assumed agendas.

we asked permission to experiment the next year with self-directing something that mattered to us

ie: each wrote own curriculum, got it pre-approved to fit within the credentialing system we already had (had to have)

3\ (2010-2011) – in a tech building

we (50ish) experimented with independent study

but even writing our own curriculum compromised daily curiosity (ie: pick something that mattered like hebrew, soccer, human trafficking.. then life/death happens..and other things matter like cancer, homelessness, treehouses, ..)

people crave daily choice

curiosity drives choice.

we’ve got to let go of our control issues and listen.

ie: if i offer you spinach or a rock, and am happy you picked spinach, that’s control, not choice.

so we asked permission to experiment the next year with following our whimsy/curiosities .. and to declare learnings (if we desired credit) at the end of the year

4\ (2011-2012) – in a house downtown

we (50) experimented with what it might be like to live in a wealthy unschooling home

we felt that we were getting closer to following curiosity/whimsy but further away from people.. we craved other people to explore/build/be with..

people free to follow daily curiosities.. crave people

following/facilitating whimsy gets us to a natural/sustaining/thriving energy.

we’ve got to find the bravery to change our minds. everyday.

we wondered why more people didn’t feel free enough to follow daily curiosity (because of all the detox it took for us..we thought maybe most of us don’t think it’s legal/legit to listen to and think for ourselves)

planned to spend the next year in the city.. as the day .. figuring out and experimenting with..   a narrative/means to free all people

wrote booksish

5\ (2012-2013) – in coffee shops, library, ..

we (not enough) experimented/listened with city as school   

since all people matter to the conversation/dance/ecosystem ..we had to find a way this would work for 100% of humanity even the inspectors of the inspectors

The center of the problem is that none of them knew the center of the problem. – Taleb

we need a nonnarrative (deep/simple/open enough) for 100% of humanity.  re\wire

perhaps 2 conversations could work as an infrastructure to free/detox us all at the same time – because sync matters

6\ (2013-2014) – everywhere and nowhere

we (never just me) listened some more

until everyone can play/dance.. none of us really can

None of us are free if one of us is chained.  – Solomon Burke

perhaps networked individualism ness. an authenticity/attachment dance.

perhaps if a mech/tech could listen to our daily self-talk as data to connect us to locals with the same daily curiosities – we could settle back into an undisturbed ecosystem (ie: sans supposed to’s)

7\ (?) – anywhere – to model a means for 7bn people to leap

perhaps what has not yet been experimented with:

1/ a city-wide experiment, to provide an ecosystem of eclectic people/resources;


2/ an as-the-day experiment, rather than adding something on after hours (after school/work).

aka: in the city.. as the day..

perhaps tech as it could be (listening to and facilitating 7bn voices everyday) could free us all

perhaps 2 conversations as infrastructure could be a means for 7bn to leap to a nother way to live.

mufleh humanity lawwe have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity – Luma Mufleh

we’re suggesting we try something really different for (a) change.. 

– – –

So wait.. what have you been doing?

from what:

on working toward a global systemic change..

1\   we hacked away at unwanted stresses until we got to *two that 7 billion people could maybe resonate with.

2\   we prototyped several iterations until we  came up with a **means that might address those *two (see #1), and that 7 billion people could actualize.

3\   we fine-tuned that **means (see #2) so that it might be both, easily accessed/open, and sustainable.

[disclaimer: we didn’t actually come up with anything.. we just listened to tons of really smart people.. and then tried what they suggested… remixed/reshuffled…]

what now?   i‘m still experimenting with this site as prototype to app/chip output ness, but visibly (ie: like the experimenting with humans 2008-2013) not much.. be\cause: Costello screen/serviceness

what next?  next experiment.. be\cause: Graeber model ness (ship\ables)

why that?  betting on modeling the sync of a fractal.. so that the whole (7 bill+) might then leapfrog to betterness. be\cause: Graeber min/max ness..

– – –

conclusion: what we need most is the energy of 7bn alive people

and today that is doable

not esoteric  (has to be for everyone..key focus.. thoughts on esoteric ness)

not abstract (thoughts on abstract ness)

not ridiculous (actual ridiculous things)

i’ve seen too much to not give it a go (also glad others are working on other ways) thinking-restate-update-7-18

finding(s) the missing pieces – a quiet revolution


historical research fractal to what we found and basis for commoning thinking (sans money/measure and 100% trust): Jason Hickel‘s first few chapters of the divideJames Suzman‘s affluence w/o abundance

psych/neuro research fractal to what we found and basis to roots of healing (two needs/convers as infra): A H Almaas and Gabor Maté (mostly almaas holes law and maté basic needs law and maté not yet scrambled law) and ..gray and gopnik and carhart-harris and alexander and..


basically we found that telling people what to do ness is keeping us from us.. and perhaps a means/way to undo that hierarchical listening is via cure ios city ie: 2 convers as infra