Territorial behaviour, in zoology, the methods by which an animal, or group of animals, protects itsterritory from incursions by others of its species.Territorial boundaries may be marked by sounds such as bird song, or scents such as pheromones secreted by the skin glands of many mammals. If such advertisement does not discourage intruders, chases and fighting follow.


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In ethology, territory is the sociographical area that an animal of a particular species consistently defends against conspecifics (or, occasionally, animals of other species). Animals that defend territories in this way are referred to as territorial.

Territoriality is only shown by a minority of species. More commonly, an individual or a group of animals will have an area that it habitually uses but does not necessarily defend; this is called the home range. The home ranges of different groups of animals often overlap, or in the overlap areas, the groups will tend to avoid each other rather than seeking to expel each other. Within the home range there may be a core area that no other individual group uses, but, again, this is as a result of avoidance.

The ultimate function of animals inhabiting and defending a territory is to increase the individual fitness or inclusive fitness of the animals expressing the behaviour. Fitness in this biological sense relates to the ability of an animal to survive and raise young. The proximate functions of territory defense vary. For some animals, the reason for such protective behaviour is to acquire and protect food sources, nesting sites, mating areas, or to attract a mate.


oh my..

the stories running through my head..

thinking.. an answer Orland Bishop‘s.. how do i have to be in order for you to be free: non-territorial..quit thinking you own anything.. share.. common..

thinking.. while making the mom move ..and taking in the meta of election speeches.. and the protests.. and the killings.. and the legalities.. and the forcings.. and the fleeings.. and too.. the .. where is home ness..  it’s amazing how we can be so against slavery.. but insist on our own slaves all the time.. everything is so conditional.. so obligational..

ie: this can be your home.. if you do this.. but the this has nothing to do with the well-being of all of us.. or of the home.. it seems.. it has most everything to do with our ..

t   e   r   r   i   t   o   r   i   a   l      ness

and.. it seems that perhaps.. whether or not we believe that no one owns anyhing (or that everyone owns everything) is at the crux of everything. and that the more you believe that.. perhaps.. the less territorial you are.

ie: a good sign that you are most insecure.. is how territorial you are.. is how many rules you have.. for those living in your assumed territory.

this was/is very visible (if you’re listening) in Ed .. as i’m sure it is in all areas. the more people are insecure about what they own (because they are assuming we can own anything) .. the more rules they have for their assumed territory.

it’s crazy.. the things we complain the most about B..ly… are the very B we most focus on when we seek to oversee .. ie: onto people we end up overseeing.. or even if it’s a pet.. or even our own bodies..

thinking.. let go of the things you have to cling to.. like.. claiming a territory.. making anyone who enters that territory follow your rules..

we are so messed up..

no wonder we have no idea what we are/could-be