finite set of choices

why finite set

[graphic made for decision making deck..slide 9]

hearing over and over about the need for ie: democratic decision making.. and feeling like that was a compromise.. because it always seemed like the decisions.. were pre set and limited/compromising choices ie: spinach or rockish

voting is totally that.. how could it not be.. ie: who’s deciding what’s on the ballot.. not me.. you? public consensus always oppresses someone.. and a ballot (finite set of choices) oppresses all of us by making us think we have a voice

esp voting on people.. who by the time they get on the roster of candidates have jumped thru so many hoops they are not themselves.. but then too.. once they win.. there are ongoing/compromising hoops to jump

what we most is the energy of 7bn alive people 

which begs.. a mech to listen to each voice everyday.. to daily curiosities .. tech as it could be.. sans binary ness..pkg deal ness


life – not about making choices/’s about listening

imagine if we just listen to and facil daily curiosity  ie: cure ios city