making up money


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graeber job law.. earn a living ness et al

bullshit jobs


earn a living

bucky\eisenstein earn law

rushkoff job law

radical econ

work ethic

of math and men ness

measuring things

campos wake up law



the future of money

wealth inequality in america video

what if money was no object – alan watts

money enough – taxes on war




a nother way

radical econ et al


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9 min video from – everything is a rich man’s trick



Just the thought of money causes your brain to react in ways similar to being high on cocaine. →

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we should be mindful how money has a physiological change on you.. a lot of decisions being made when don’t think making them.. ie: weather influences

increasingly neuroscientists will be able to predict money decisions based on our brains

genes can help increase our credit scores

oy.. thought with title this was going somewhere.. guess we’re too intoxicated to hear/see