perhaps you’ll let me/us bend your ear..

via tweet invite the day of and linked to this post:

may i bend your ear @bonstewart @amandapalmer @leashless @brainpicker @paulmasonnews @davidgraeber @mollycrabapple

seth on system.png

we care. we can. we can’t not.


Bonnie (mom: AmandaMariaAl, ..)

Amanda (movement/wwwTimDavid, ..Molly, Yanis, PaulNathan, .. Andrew, Micah, Ben, Adam,..)

Vinay (all people/problems/desires.. commoning ness: refugee folks… and Kevin, MichelCristianThomas.. and cancer/violence people: Siddhartha, Gary, Sean, ..)

Maria (model: Jerry, Jon, ..)

Seth (message [to whoever we need ie: Bruce Ward.. to clump right to the thing/person]/design: AmandaMollyKevinWill,..Al, ..)

Doug (blockchain/tech for app and for convos between people listed here et al: BenjaminJonVinay..)

Zac (local: Adam/Kim/Ashley, Kiki, NathanCristian, ..)

Will (Ed: ZacNathanCristian..)

Al (family: Brett, Jared/s/h, ..)




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bend your ear ness

systemic ness – via short





let’s do this firstfree art-ists.

for (blank)’s sake

a nother way

ie: hosting life bits via self talk as data