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the chief and most damaging of the competing attachments that undermine parenting authority and parental love is the increasing bonding of our children w their peers

authority again.. and it precedes love.. and love is tagged w parental.. which has been tagged w authority.. dang

they are not manageable, teachable, or maturing because they no longer take their cues from adults..  instead, children are being brought up by immature person s who cannot possibly guide them to maturity. they are being brought up by each other

manageable, teachable,. ugh

the term that seems to fit more than any other for this phenom is peer orientation. it is peer orientation that has muted our parenting instinct, eroded our natural authority and caused us to paren not form the heart bur from the ad . from manuals, the advice of ‘experts’ and the confused expectations of society

wow.. peer orientation seems to be more of a cope/ing mech.. because parents aren’t/weren’t there.. weren’t listening.. were too busy authority-ing.. too busy w parental love rather than unconditional love..


an even scarier thought is that if peers have replaced adults as the ones who matter most, what is missing in those peer relationships is going to have the most profound impact.. absolutely missing in peer relationships are *unconditional love and acceptance.. the ability to extend oneself for the sake of the other, the desire to nurture, the willingness to sacrifice

*this is what’s missing from the adults as well – ie: authority ness and managing ness.. is not unconditional love


what the world needs most: the energy of 7bn alive people

and that will never happen unless we 100% trust each other (are you human. ok then. i trust you are your being) by saving a ton of energy and just assume good

this can be made easier to us (most all of us) contaminated with civilized/manufactured/sanitized/coerced/et-al toxins of supposed to’s.. via the mediums of school/work etc if we practice ie: gershenfeld something else law back/to an undisturbed ecosystem:

‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’


what we need now are spaces of permission where people have nothing to prove.. so we can refill holes/missing-pieces .. which can only happen if we let go of control.. of condition\ality


unconditional trust – an oxymoron..


from Deeyah Khan

One of the consistent threads speaking to extremists is that so many of them had experiences of being on the outside. What these violent movements provided was unconditional acceptance’ – @Deeyah_Khan https://t.co/biVG2iyggU
Original Tweet: https://twitter.com/Fuuse/status/1116692814887309312

imagine if unconditional ality.. to everyone.. was a norm.. no one had to go searching for it