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story behind the graphic..

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why app

What if most of the people in the world aren’t doing (and/or haven’t yet found) the thing they can’t not do. Perhaps that’s why so many are stressed.


  • for roughly 90% of the people that go to the doctor, it’s not a medical reason
  • approximately 75% of tutor’s workload is with kids with high anxiety/stress
  • many doctors report higher # of appointments during finals weeks
  • school affects some 90% of people
  • 80% of people aren’t happy with their work
  • public ed affects people all over the globe, 7 hours a day, 12+ years, and ensuing mindset [ie: many people think it’s illegal to think for themselves]
  • the suicide rate, latest global rate, one every 40 seconds, second leading cause of death ages 10-24
  • bullying carries on in so many ways for so many years.
  • too many phd’s are on foodstamps
  • top scholars, via top sat scores, appear dysfunctional upon college graduation
  • compulsory curriculum/medication are causing/perpetuating collateral damage
  • trillions of dollars are spent to improve ed through standardized tests and race to the top initiatives
  • we could be changing the world for good, but policy keeps getting in the way
  • 5 billion of 7 billion people in the world, aren’t yet connected
  • we are crazy about spending money – ie: us 2014 federal budget

Perhaps we’re missing it, and tech (an app) wants to help us get back to us.


how green dot reduce

Perhaps an app (tech) can help us (jumpstart us) back to us. Perhaps tech can help us see each other, see ourselves (via some echo chamber ness), better/closer/deeper. What if we’re not really so busy/lazy/alone/young/old/. What if tech could shorten the time between our intention(s) and our action(s). Every day. What if tech could hasten the time between us finding the thing we can’t not do, and finding our people. What if tech can facilitate our whimsy, lead us to eudaimonia, to our art.

Cool too, if the more we let go (as the day-ness), the more free/creative people feel toward coding their own app, chipbuilding their own device, to suit their imagination/desire/need.


what c see more

Imagine we start to believe, the danger of just one story. Imagine we start to see (each other and ourselves) more clearly/authentically/empathetically. Imagine we start to see more with our hearts, in order to see more with our eyes. imagine if we spend less time worrying about proving/credentialing ourselves and more time doing/being awesome.

You’ve got to make the systems so that they help people pay attention to the world in front of them.                                  – Clive Thompson

ie: systems that encourage/facilitate/perpetuate personal fabrication



c dot app 7 graphic


——–>     c – c (see) more.

——–>     b – be curious. be connected.

———>    a – authenticityattachment.


and of course..

c – for crazy experiment:

20 million to see what might happen if an entire city is set free to play (do whatever they want) for a year. via …

a people experiment 2


peter diamandis quote


astra taylor quote



some of the prototyping:

  • some beginnings – (starting 2010ish) – innovation lab portfolio see p. 7 of deck, we used google docs for self-talk, then photo booth (laptop) wherever, then laptop in detox booth in be you house, …
  • Here we are prototyping the app idea at a local coffee house.
  • Here we are prototyping the app via the insideout project (connection via story – ie: documenting/trail throughout city)
  • Perhaps this site as prototyping the app.
  • something else – via personal fabrication


so in short\er….. getting us back to us/curiosity via some…

wear able ness

that can facilitate..

networked individuaism graphic



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