virus noticings

[adding page in middle of virus ness along with: virus noticings; things supposedly impossible; to (virus) leap;.. pages]

what i’m learning – things can change overnight.. (expo ness)

let’s leap to a nother way .. for (blank)’s sake

hoping we (finally) are brave enough to say.. good bye cycle.. as things supposedly impossible.. are staring us in the face..

let’s go deep enough.. to get to the root of healing.. virus/us ness et al

no more same song

interesting what ‘non-essential’ gatherings are disbanded: schools, work-places, (supposed to’s.. of school/work et al), mega-gatherings, gyms (people have time to go outside more.. natural movement), airports, restaurants, ..

and that (hopefully) more are getting a wak-up call.. zoom out view.. to the big monopoly game we keep perpetuating.. when they see ‘impossibilities‘ happen ie: debt/rent/mortgage suspended/dismissed, reset of the game – everyone getting new money – no strings, people bypassing money exchange just to get resources to people in need

quarantine ness:

10 people or less – missing piece #2 – be w fam – 7ish people – 30 min/day

shelter in place – missing piece #1 – be w self – time/space to talk to self – first 3 min/day – bachelard oikos law


ongoing noticings:

michel fb:

“as scary as this is, it’s also a potential quantum leap forward for organizers. We can expand our skillsets; we can pioneer new forms of digital organizing; we can meet people where they’re at;’

leap frogging..

linked to article from mar 13 2020 – Coronavirus Demands a Quantum Leap in Organizing

here are 10 ideas to get you started

let’s go with just two: 2 conversations as infra .. ie: 10 listed.. will just perpetuate current infra/org

deep enough ness


noticing that when people aren’t going/doing the supposed to’s of school/work.. the air clears .. the literal air/pollution (in little time if in sync).. and hopefully the air in people’s minds..


wanting fam to start google hang out ing.. 7ish yrs ago.. never happened.. now they want to.. so fam time increases during virus ness.. but not when no pandemic.. probably because 1\ now they have time  2\ now they themselves have used .. and see lots of others using ie: zoom et al


the game is over..? (more on virus ness page)

“We must dare to say it: it is not the virus that kills, it is the chronic pathologies that make a CoV-2 SARS infection potentially fatal to certain patients already heavily affected by these societal diseases, whereas it is benign for healthy people.”
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ie: leaping to a nother way to live is possible.. not ridiculous

bartlett expo law

jordon on crisis into opp

nora on ed change

jordon on crisis into opp

et al

let’s curate (take care of souls)

let’s leap..  for (blank)’s sake