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from wef 2016 – leverage tech to bridge healthcare divide


We must invest in solutions that facilitate low-cost preventative healthcare measures that empower communities and allow them to take control of their health outcomes.

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An expanding midsection is an inevitable fact of #aging. But as our #waistlines grow, so do our #health risks.pic.twitter.com/rY11ulNllC
3% spent on prevention..

They also noted that the dsRNA molecule’s gene-silencing effect was present in the offspring. “This is the first time we’ve seen a dsRNA molecule passing from one generation to the next,” says Jose. “Our observations suggest that RNA is cutting out the middle man.”


We know that RNA exists in the human bloodstream, but we don’t know where the RNA molecules are coming from, where they’re going, or exactly what they’re doing. Our work reveals an exciting possibility — they could be messages from parents to their offspring.”

… this study of the link between gene silencing and inheritance could help us better understand ourselves and how our genetic code is influenced by our parents’ whole lives, not just the DNA they are born with.