thinking restate/update 7.18

[for/because kevin and michel and about warning ness]

undisturbed ecosystem graphic.png

why just why  why (i do what i do): to set people free

because of our interconnectedness:

i believe that partial freedom is no freedom.. (ie: none of us are free if one of us is chained) and ..

i believe today we have the means to unchain all of us in sync/leap

[i think all our part\ial initiatives/efforts are keeping us from the sync/simultaneousness we need for global freedom/equity .. i think we keep getting distracted/disjointed by irrelevants (money/measuring/et-al) necessary to maintain/incentivize the partial ness.. and if i’m wrong.. thankfully.. there are plenty of amazing people/initiatives/efforts going that route]

how just how  how (we could get free): a mech/means for everyone to leap to a nother way

why leap:

for humanity’s sake.. hyping utopia w/o a means for 8bn to get there today seems unethical.. (costello)

for urgency’s sake.. trying to convince with argument/rhetoric/training/lectures/words is a killer for time.. and so for us.. we need to model a nother way 8bn people could leap to today (graeber)

for sustainability’s sake.. trying to affect all the good/energy begs we focus on a problem deep enough that 8bn would resonate with today (siemens) and everyday

the means:

2 convos as infrastructure (mech listens to and facilitates every voice/curiosity everyday.. as it could be)

two convos graphic

this begs we focus on self-talk  .. as data.. and as detox

self talk as data graphic

unless all people are alive, truly themselves, we are spinning our wheels w/non-legit data/science

perhaps ai of a diff color: augmenting interconnectedness.. because what we need most is the energy of 8bn alive people

mufleh humanity law

what just what  what (every soul needs/craves): soul/world peace

we need to get back to an undisturbed ecosystem (eudaimoniative surplus; commoning).. something already in us

if we focus that deep.. we won’t have to train/prep or bureaucratize (graeber f&b) in order to incentivize.. we can just focus on equity (everyone getting a go everyday)

undisturbed quote.png

[things learned from the what – of what have you been doing – and findings abstract.. and shorter..  short findings restate]