things supposedly impossible

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A thread of things which were supposedly impossible or impractical, which have magically become trivially easy now that #COVIDー19 is a reality.

1. Reducing airline travel.

2. Conferences accommodating people with disabilities by offering live stream and/or Skype calls.

3. Government-provided universal basic income so parents can stay home and take care of children.

ubi not enough.. let’s try/code money (any form of measuring/accounting) as the planned obsolescence

ie: ubi as temp placebo..

4. Major companies adopting work-from-home policies for all employees.

we need to let go of the supposed to’s.. of school/work.. and live in the city.. as the day..

has to be all of us.. everyday

5. Mass rollout of contactless payments, which the industry has been dragging its feet on.

6. Universities offering remote learning for all classes and all students

again.. we need to let go of the supposed to’s.. of school/work.. and live in the city.. as the day.. has to be all of us.. everyday

7. Suspending mortgage payments and implementing “debt holidays” for a whole country.

8. Detroit finally halting water-shutoffs for residents after six years of predation amidst intense criticism.

flint .. what the eyes don’t see.. ness

9. A moratorium on evicting tenants in the 10th-largest city in the United States.

evicted ness

10. San Francisco staging RVs in the Presidio to provide emergency housing for unhoused people.

home less ness..

11. Iran released 70,000 incarcerated people, many of them imprisoned for nonviolent or political reasons.

incarceration ness

refugee ness

I don’t buy the story that “Now that coronavirus has shown us what’s possible in a crisis, maybe these things will become the norm.” No. The people in power have always know what’s possible; they were just lying to you. You have to TAKE their power away. Organize. Unionize.

ie: 2 convers as infra via cure ios city

as it could be..

12. Broadband caps lifted. Those caps were always articial bullsh*t.

i’d add.. virus ness teaching us expo ness (and so.. leaping to a nother way to live) is possible


impossible is irrelevant

let’s let go of the irrelevants

and spend our energies on more serious/humane things

mufleh humanity lawwe have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity– Luma Mufleh

what the world needs most: the energy of 8b alive people

let’s focus on augmenting our interconnectedness.. to get us back/to an undisturbed ecosystem

‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows


as with everything in this economic crisis, the penguins are realizing what was technically possible all along but prevented by those in power
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@StanLewis_: Since aquariums are shut down, they let penguins wander around the place and it’s honestly the news we need to see.


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“And the people stayed home. And read books, and listened, and rested, and exercised, and made art, and played games, and learned new ways of being, and were still. And listened more deeply. Some meditated, some prayed, some danced. Some met their shadows. And the people began to think differently. And the people healed. And, in the absence of people living in ignorant, dangerous, mindless, and heartless ways, the earth began to heal. And when the danger passed, and the people joined together again, they grieved their losses, and made new choices, and dreamed new images, and created new ways to live and heal the earth fully, as they had been healed. ~Kitty O’Meara’~

a nother way book (on modeling another way)


word of mouth: during china’s lock down (not driving et al) .. air cleared so much that estimated 77 000 lives saved

so.. everyone has wifi (mostly to augment out interconnectedness) in the city.. as the day.. (by walking/biking/transit).. doing whatever they want (gershenfeld something else law) because there are no longer the heavy hanging/controlling supposed to’s.. of school/work taking up the hours of the day.. and there is no longer that prison feeling of debt/fear-of-debt.. because we realize we can let go of the silly monopoly/money (any form of measuring/accounting) game we’ve been playing.. relationships get back to pre 10-day-care ness.. and with the time/space for everyone to have the luxury of being ‘quiet in their own room‘.. individual souls get back/to fittingness and collective souls get back/to eudaimoniative surplus


shilpa fb share:

not at all to downplay the suffering and struggle, and tremendous grief and loss in this moment…
and just another perspective…

if this virus leads to:
– universal healthcare
– cancellation of student debt
– universal basic income
– cleaning of the air and water
– massive slow down to fossil fuel industries
– massive slow down to consumerism
– huge amounts of neighborhood and community support
– more care for the elderly, disabled and most vulnerable
– unschooling experiments
– release of prisoners
…and who knows what else?

the US and world will (thankfully) never be the same.

as my friend just wrote, “as far as a rate of return on the apocalypse, this one is

through the roof.”


One enormous, major lesson that I hope people realize in this moment:

Resistance to revolutionary policy was never really about a lack of money, or capacity, or logistics.

It was always about power and a lack of political will.

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perfect opp to make sure that our revolutionary ness is truly different.. not just ie: same song second verse english accent little bit worse

hoping we (finally) are brave enough to say.. good bye cycle.. as things supposedly impossible.. are staring us in the face..

let’s go deep enough.. to get to the root of healing.. virus/us ness et al


this is not ridiculous

seth on opp to leap

nora on ed change


adding virus noticings from bottom of virus page – a lot have to do with things we’ve said are ridiculous/impossible ie:

what i’m learning – things can change overnight.. (expo ness)

let’s leap to a nother way .. for (blank)’s sake

hoping we (finally) are brave enough to say.. good bye cycle.. as things supposedly impossible.. are staring us in the face..

let’s go deep enough.. to get to the root of healing.. virus/us ness et al

no more same song

interesting what ‘non-essential’ gatherings are disbanded: schools, work-places, (supposed to’s.. of school/work et al), mega-gatherings, gyms (people have time to go outside more.. natural movement), airports, restaurants, ..

and that (hopefully) more are getting a wak-up call.. zoom out view.. to the big monopoly game we keep perpetuating.. when they see ‘impossibilities‘ happen ie: debt/rent/mortgage suspended/dismissed, reset of the game – everyone getting new money – no strings, people bypassing money exchange just to get resources to people in need

quarantine ness:

10 people or less – missing piece #2 – be w fam – 7ish people – 30 min/day

shelter in place – missing piece #1 – be w self – time/space to talk to self – first 3 min/day – bachelard oikos law


noticing that when people aren’t going/doing the supposed to’s of school/work.. the air clears .. the literal air/pollution (in little time if in sync).. and hopefully the air in people’s minds..


michel fb share:

yes, many people I know feel exhausted, including myself

“Feeling exhausted during the pandemic? This philosopher says you could have moral fatigue

While humans are creatures of habit, everything is out of order right now. Michael Baur says ‘slow down’.”…/feeling-exhausted-during-the-pandemic-…?

h/t Gerhard Jung

“It is possible to take this situation as an occasion to not be so mindless and habituated and to think twice about what really was necessary,” he said..t

langer outcome law page:

We should exploit the power in uncertainty. (p5)

stay curious

this is how i view entropy.. ness

carhart harris entropy law et al

cure ios city

For those feeling as if things are a bit out of their control and looking for something to ease their anxiety, Baur encourages people to stop looking for rules or policies to follow..t

let go

taleb antifragile law

embrace uncertainty

 no agenda ness.. off script ness.. listen deeper (as it could be).. et al


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tweet is of this article – net/working during web hype of virus:

The question is: what can we do? How can we work together towards a horizon of equality and liberation? How can we network a web of transnational care?.. critical voices are warning that whatever is implemented in the present emergency situation will stay with us for an indefinite period..t

let’s just facil daily curiosity  ie: cure ios city

Now, more than ever, it is an important task to raise awareness and explore alternatives.

In the two decades before the Corona virus outbreak, data was celebrated as “the oil of the 21st century.”.. t

but it was non legit.. ie: data from whales in sea world

great opp to try ie: self-talk as data/detox

 In Germany, the Chaos Computer Club is also tackling the issue with regard to human/digital infrastructure.. t

human infra: 2 convers as infra

mufleh humanity lawwe have seen advances in every aspect of our lives except our humanity– Luma Mufleh

Knowing that the digital technologies that have most contributed to the rise of interconnectivity have bolstered a feeling of alienation..t between people, we need to inquire into the foreseeable effects of the current ‘normalization’ of ‘social distancing’ as coupled with the boom in ‘social media.’..

we need to focus our energies on ai as augmenting interconnectedness

it is of the utmost importance to ask how a pandemic-driven turn to authoritarianism among governments can be resisted .. t

ie: gershenfeld something else law for everyone (including the inspectors of inspectors)

‘Learning by doing’ could be activated as an approach to counter this trend..t

ie: cure ios city

as soon as we demystify the ostensibly ‘clean web’ as the digital mirror world of the quarantined nation state, then we will also get a stronger sense that such things are not ‘natural’ at all. Once we begin to think outside the box, we may realize that all of us can contribute to build a web of transnational care..t

if we can let go enough to let whales out of sea world


virus noticings. . things supposedly impossible:

Carol Black (@cblack__) tweeted at 11:47 AM on Thu, Apr 16, 2020:
Read the replies. So many.


The Coronavirus Is Rewriting Our Imaginations – What felt impossible has become thinkable. The spring of 2020 is suggestive of how much, and how quickly, we can change as a civilization. by kim stanley robinson may 2020

Michel Bauwens (@mbauwens) tweeted at 5:30 AM on Sun, May 03, 2020:
The Coronavirus and Our Future | The New Yorker
(a very good article by science fiction writer Kim Stanley Robinson)

the change that struck me seemed more abstract and internal. It was a change in the way we were looking at things, and it is still ongoing. The virus is rewriting our imaginations. What felt impossible has become thinkable. We’re getting a different sense of our place in history. We know we’re entering a new world, a new era. We seem to be learning our way into a new structure of feeling…t

In many ways, we’ve been overdue for such a shiftt In our feelings, we’ve been lagging behind the times in which we live.

This crisis is different. It’s a biological threat, and it’s global. Everyone has to change together to deal with it. . t

to (virus) leap ness

Today, in theory, everyone knows everything. We know that our accidental alteration of the atmosphere is leading us into a mass-extinction event, and that we need to move fast to dodge it. But we don’t act on what we know. We don’t want to change our habits. This knowing-but-not-acting is part of the old structure of feeling..

Do we believe in science? Go outside and you’ll see the proof that we do everywhere you look. We’re learning to trust our science as a society. That’s another part of the new structure of feeling.


or maybe that was our problem.. (ie: stats/graphs/predicting-things)

i’d say we’re trusting nature more.. not so much the study/research et al .. of it

Possibly, in a few months, we’ll return to some version of the old normal. But this spring won’t be forgotten. When later shocks strike global civilization, we’ll remember how we behaved this time, and how it worked.

These events, and others like them, are easier to imagine now than they were back in January, when they were the stuff of dystopian science fiction. But science fiction is the realism of our time.

It’s a new feeling, this alienation and solidarity at once. It’s the reality of the social; it’s seeing the tangible existence of a society of strangers, all of whom depend on one another to survive.

Economics is a system for optimizing resources, and, if it were trying to calculate ways to optimize a sustainable civilization in balance with the biosphere, it could be a helpful tool..t

calculating (any form of measuring/accounting) isn’t a helpful tool for humanity

When it’s used to optimize profit, however, it encourages us to live within a system of destructive falsehoods. We need a new political economy by which to make our calculations..t Now, acutely, we feel that need.

we need a new econ sans calcs

A structure of feeling is not a free-floating thing. It’s tightly coupled with its corresponding political economy. How we feel is shaped by what we value, and vice versa. Food, water, shelter, clothing, education, health care: maybe now we value these things more, along with the people whose work creates them. To survive the next century, we need to start valuing the planet more, too, since it’s our only home.

we need to start trusting that the dance of an undisturbed ecosystem ..(the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows).. isn’t dependent on the list of things we value.. it’s dependent up on the energy of 8b alive people.. let’s focus instead on getting us back on track (ie: listening deeper).. by augmenting our interconnectedness