listen to all the voices

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adding page as..

remembering a quote that resonated .. posted in pilot math room.. but can’t find now.. something like this (i guess it was actually.. is respect for every voice a part of your soul):

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and as adding pages..

..indigenous peoples:

Aaron Paquette (@aaronpaquette) tweeted at 7:20 PM – 30 Dec 2016 :

There are over 600 Indigenous communities in Canada, all with their own priorities and perspectives. Why not get to know them? (

there are over 7 bn on planet… w own idiosyncracies…let’s host all of them… and facil that dance (mech simple enough)

holmgren indigenous law:


..Katherine Boo:

“Giving voice to the voiceless” — that creepy phrase — was never one of them. Even people who can’t speak have their own voices, and they have them whether or not we reporters pull near.

The problem (then, now) was not a lack of voices but of listeners

begs a means to undo our hierarchical listening

..Jim Al-Khalili:

25 min – looked at from this pov.. the whole idea of self-org seemed absurd..

the idea that patterns of the kind turing and belousov had found could appear of their own accord..

on ignoring crazy (aka: diff) ideas/people.. on shaming/killing them..



mech simple enough.. (eagle and condor ness).. as means to listen to all the voices

a ginorm/small other way.. a mech that could/would listen to all the voices (rather than try to move/teach/whatever people) ie: as simple as 2 convos

perhaps what we’re missing is tech as it could be



non hierarchical listening

listen & clap

without an agenda.

to each other.

to ourselves.

listen – a simple message

not voice less

maté acting out law

no words ness..

rumi words law


imagining.. a mech simple enough.. to listen to all of us.. everyday.. as the day..

no agenda…

no partial listening..

no people (land.. animals.. et al) on hold..


need to be indigenous to self.. ie: sleep segmenting