warning ness


i’m thinking that most (?) people believe we live in a toxic world.. and that most (?) probably don’t believe a global detox/re\set is a viable possibility (ie: too good to be true et al).. and because i do.. am thinking i am then toxic to people’s cope\ing mechanisms to the world’s toxicity.. so my coping-mech becomes an avoidance of convo/social .. mostly for other people (makes them either hurt/offended or lonely in the long run).. but also for me (energy et al)


on why i don’t convo/social much:

1\ from thinking restate/update

why (i do what i do): to set people free

because of our interconnectedness:

i believe that partial freedom is no freedom.. (ie: none of us are free if one of us is chained) and ..

i believe today we have the means to unchain all of us in sync/leap

[i think all our part\ial initiatives/efforts are keeping us from the sync/simultaneousness we need for global freedom/equity .. i think we keep getting distracted/disjointed by irrelevants (money/measuring/et-al) necessary to maintain/incentivize the partial ness.. and if i’m wrong.. thankfully.. there are plenty of amazing people/initiatives/efforts going that route]


2\ costello screen\service law

‘it’s most unethical to screen people for a condition if you don’t have the services in place to treat them’ jane costello

i’ve seen enough that i can’t stop believing in a legit global re\set.. but (to me) a legit global reset/detox needs to be all of us at once.. for (blank)’s sake.. (from what i’ve seen in experimentation – to me) it seems people are probably better off not seeing until conditions are in place for that potential global leap

on the why of the unethical ness:

i felt i was telling (ocean) how it was going to die w/no cure. so i quit academia to work on a solution @Enric_Sala#2030NOW

scary how many people have come to the reasonable conclusion that it’s better to be fake and fit in rather than be real and lonely
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enric captures what i’m trying to say.. when people ask what i’m doing et al.. if i’m honest.. it feels like i’m telling them about a bleak diagnosis with a literally incredible cure.. so i quit academia (experimentation with live people et al) to keep working on and fine tuning the solution *we came up with

*all the people involved in the experimentation and all the people we’ve observed and/or learned from