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idiosyncratic jargon

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the more you are you.. the more secure you are.. the more privacy you have. be\cause – in order for someone to get to you, ie: through all your idiosyncratic jargon (that has saved you tons of time not jumping through hoops to practice eudaimonia), they have to get to know you/your stories enough. and that enough ness gets us to i know you ness.. to .. assuming good. (ie: entropy as witness protection program)

entropy as protection lucid

so.. 1\ you have this protective (idiosyncratic jargon et al) barrier ish.. and 2\ passing through that barrier from the outside in.. creates/begs empathy/curiosity in people.

most people are other people.. that’s why we do/perpetuate mean things. we lack 2 needs/desires. we all need something else to do. we all need a nother way to live.


Neil Gershenfeld

David Graeber

Ritesh Batra

Orland Bishop

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