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Enclosure (sometimes inclosure) was the legal process in England of consolidating (enclosing) small landholdings into larger farms since the 13th century. Once enclosed, use of the land became restricted and available only to the owner, and it ceased to be common land for communal use.


adding page while reading andreas weber‘s reality as commons:

Dualism is an invisible colonization of the soul

there is no difference between enclosure, commodification, and colonialization..all attacks on “aliveness”..Therefore, they are also attacks on reality.

making/keeping us .. whales in sea world

This reality is denied by our cognitive frameworks and language, resulting in what amounts to mental and spiritual enclosure..t

litracy and numeracy as colonialism/enclosure

Yet hardly anyone is aware of the profoundly misleading taxonomic screens of our language and worldview. We can barely imagine the extent to which our view of reality is distorted by spiritual enclosure..t

whales in sea world – we have no idea

Cutting living subjects off from participating in the commons of reality and its mixture of practices and emotions, objects and aspects of meaning, is destructive in another serious respect: It blinds us to the nature of enclosure itself. As psychologists Miguel Benasayag and Gérard Schmit (2007:101f) observe, the overarching ideology of enclosure is an ideology of control and dominance, and a denial of enduring relationships. This systemic worldview is not simply unjust and dangerous, it brazenly defies reality. It is cruel because it violates the web of relational exchange which reality is.


The ideology of enclosure is inhumane because it generates a hierarchy in reality, ostensibly for human benefit, by installing humanity as custodian of the rational, the protector of the ordered, the knight battling chaos. Yet reality is not chaotic. On the contrary, it simply embodies an order that we are not always able to discern. Reality is structured as a creative expression of living agents, both human and more-than-human. Its structure, however, is sometimes invisible because its systems cannot be universalized, regimented or monetized without destroying life itself.

an undisturbed ecosystem..‘in undisturbed ecosystems ..the average individual, species, or population, left to its own devices, behaves in ways that serve and stabilize the whole..’ –Dana Meadows


and (adding page) after deeper dive into language (and numeracy) as enclosure/control


literacy and numeracy both elements of colonialism.. we need to calculate differently and stop measuring things


decolonizing methodologies


Michel Bauwens (@mbauwens) tweeted at 8:55 PM on Fri, Feb 14, 2020:
RT @jeffemmett: Ostrom’s principles address the Tragedy ONLY in community-scale scenarios where reputation & social exhortation function.
In a globally connected world, the “Tragedy of the non-Commons” still reigns.

what if tragedy ness (non commons ness).. has more to do with any from of measuring/accounting/reputation/exhortation.. than going beyond community scale

ie: needs to be all of us or it won’t work.. otherwise we get tragedy ness of enclosure ..

beyond ostrom 8 – let go