suggested book reads


order below is simply/mostly by order read..

[10 yrs on.. update: on many re reads.. finding most/all books as frustrat\ing books.. esp book on Ed.. as they now appear loaded w whalespeak.. so .. perpetuating.. rather than getting us out of .. tragedy of the non common/sea world]

[2022: two books]


1. Linchpin, Seth Godin: awakening indispensable people
2. Mindset, Carol Dweck: growth mindset considers everything as a means to learn/grow
3. Rework, Jason Fried: work is where we get the least done
4. The Element, Sir Ken Robinson: finding your sweet spot
5. The Art of Possibility, Ben Zander & Rosalund Zander:
6. Tribes, Seth Godin:
7. Teaching Unmasked, John T. Spencer: transparency/authenticity
8. The Design of Business, Roger Martin: be bold
9. DIY U, Anya Kamenetz: yes you can
10. Disrupting Class, Clay Christensen: plan of disruption
11. The Blue Sweater, Jacqueline Novogratz: getting to know a culture
12. The Talent Code, Daniel Coyle: deep practice to grow/strengthen myelin sheath
13. Secrets of a Buccaneer Scholar, James Bach: self-directed learning
14. Your Guide to Academic Deviance, Dale Stephens: uncollege
15. The Mesh, Lisa Gansky: the future of business is sharing
16. The Power of Pull, John Hagel & John Seely Brown: the power of allure vs the power of demand
17. A New Culture of Learning, John Seely Brown, Douglas Thomas: imagination and play
18. Wounded by School, Kirsten Olson: ridiculous to let this go on
19. Cognitive Surplus, Clay Shirky: tech + generosity, all we need we can find in each other
20. Here Comes Everybody, Clay Shirky: new thinking about how things happen
21. Reality is Broken, Jane McGonigal: bring the best of a good game into daily life – participate wholeheartedly
22. The Big Picture, Ed is Everyone’s Business, Dennis Littky: the Met, going 11 years strong
23. Mindfulness, Ellen Langer: focus on outcome creates mindlessness, prejudice decreases as discrimination increases
24. What Tech Wants, Kevin Kelly: tech want s to free us up to be us, wants to connect us
25. Playful World (& blog: The Human Network), Mark Pesce:
26. The Meaning of It All, Richard Feynman
27. The New Brain, Richard Restak
28. Poke the Box, Seth Godin  (written for the Domino Project)
29. Do the Work, Steven Pressfield  (written for the Domino Project)
30. The War of Art,   Steven Pressfield– maybe start here… and read it between each book
31. Unschooling Rules, Clark Aldrich – then  here…
32. Democratic Education, Yaacov Hecht – or here…
33. John Dewey’s How We Think – holy cow or here…
34. Education & the Significance of Life, Jiddu Krishnamurti – totally here.. would love permission to rewrite this
35. Knowing Knowledge, George Siemens – reading it now, wish I had a hard copy
36. Blessed Unrest, Paul Hawken – Will Richardson recommend

focusing fall 2011

37. At Work with Thomas Edison, Blaine McCormick – explains the culture we are trying to build at the be you house.

thomas jefferson education  – video.

38. Deschooling Society, Ivan Illich – succinctly describes why we need to respectfully question how we spend our days
39. Tools for Conviviality, Ivan Illich – continuation of 38, spells out how mindless we have become
40. Peripheral Visions, Mary Catherin Bateson – learning along the way
41. We Are All Weird, Seth Godin – the new normal, the myth of the mass and the end of compliance
42. Program or Be Programmed, Douglas Rushkoff
43. Uncertainty, Jonathan Fields – turning fear and doubt into fuel for brilliance
44. Now You See It, Cathy Davidson – getting outside of your own mind, so your not missing things that matter
45. Walk Out, Walk On, Margaret Wheatley, Deborah Frieze – global mesh, global be you
46. Orbiting the Giant Hairball –  Gordon MacKenzie – fostering creative genius
47. Start With Why, Simon Sinek – why builds a culture rather than relying on controls
48. Quiet, Susan Cain –  the power of introverts in a world that can’t stop talking
49. One Page at a Time, Phill Pappas, getting through college with adhd, but good on so many other levels..
50. The Innovative University, Clay Christensen
51. Betterness, Umair Haque, economics for humans
52. Finding the Sweet Spot, Dave Pollard
53. Stop Killing Dreams, Seth Godin, what are schools for
54. Net Smart, Howard Rheingold, how to thrive online
55. For the Love of Cities, Peter Kageyama, great focus for enlivening a city, great insight
56. Child in the City/Country, Colin Ward, Ward makes you notice things that matter (2 books)
57. Death and Life of the Great American School, Diane Ravitch, unsettling
58. The Triumph of the City, Edward Glaeser, great insight on urban vs rural – which is greener, unsettling on schools
59. Smart Mobs, Howard Rheingold, on using tech to make a better us, doing more together
60. Business Innovation Factory Model, Saul Kaplan, connected adjacency, the need for unlikely suspects mingling in the gray
61. In the Bubble, John Thackara, design that matters
62. Dare, Dream, Do, Whitney Johnson
63. The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, Dan Millman – here and now.
64. Resumes are Dead, Norton Richie, more important that 4.0 or 2.0, did you notice the gorilla
65. Speed of Trust, Stephen M.R. Covey, the one thing that changes everything
66. Strategy, Leadership and the Soul, Jennifer Sertl, change that comes from the soul, because of the soul
67. Theory U, Otto Scharmer, oh my..all of what we’re doing
68. The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle
69. Silos, Politics, and Turf Wars, Patrick Lencioni
70. Honest Signals, Alex (Sandy) Pentland, how they shape us

71. Leap of Faith, Memoirs of an Unexpected Life, Queen Noor, how communication changes everything

72. 40 Alternatives to College, James Altucher

73. The Intention Economy, Doc Searls, ch 21 ff – our quiet revolution in public ed

74. Miss, Sir, Are You Mad?, Shirley Knotte, age 11

75. The Start Up of You, Reid Hoffman and Ben Casnocha  – rather than waiting for innovations to scale, let’s scale you

76. Better Than College, Blake Boles – we do have options

77. Be the Solution, Michael Strong & John Mackey – start up of you

79. Start Up Communities – Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Your City, Brad Feld – start up of city

80. Blah, Blah, Blah – What to Do When Words Don’t Work, Dan Roam – 75% of our sensory is visual – how to put form on flighty thinking

81. Too Big To Know, David Weinberger – difference between pyramid and network – foundation

82. Being Wrong, Kathryn Schulz

83. The Innovative University, Clay Christensen, Henry Eyring

84. Creating Innovators, Tony Wagner

85. How We Decide, & Imagine: How Creativity Works, Jonah Lehrer

86. Mindstorms, Seymour Papert

87. Hybrid Reality: Thriving in the Emerging Human-Tech Civilization, Parag & Ayesha Khanna, – TED book

88. Hold on to Your Kids, Gordon Neufeld, Gabor Mate – attachment & authenticity – found in rereading – a very frustrating read

89. A New Earth, Eckart Tolle – how do you know you’re doing what you’re supposed to, because you are

90. Beyond the Hole in the Wall, Sugata Mitra; Nicholas Negropante – self-organized learning

91. Free-Range Kids, How to Raise Safe, Self-Reliant Children, Lenore Skenazy

92. Make Your Idea Matter, Bernadette Jiwa

93. Mind Amplifier, Howard Rheingold

94. Search Inside Yourself, Chade-Meng Tan – google guru

95. Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative, Austin Kleon

96. Turning Pro, Steven Pressfield

97. Unschooling, Astra Taylor

98. Why School, Will Richardson, TED

99. 11 Rules for Creating Value in the Social Era, Nilofer Merchant

100. Icarus Deception, Seth Godin – most rational thing to do, irrational art


following not on slidedeck:

101. Hunger Games series (hunger games, catching fire, mockingjay)- Suzanne Collins

102. Divergent series (divergent, insurgent, allegiant) – Veronica Roth

103. Escape from Childhood – John Holt

104. Lives of Passion School of Hope, Rick Posner – longitudinal report of self-directed learners, from 35 yr old – Open School

105. Small is Beautiful, EF Schumacher – economy as if people mattered

106. Don’t Go Back to School, Kio Stark

107. Free to Learn, Peter Gray

108. Hack Your Education, Dale Stephens

109. In Defense of Childhood, Chris Mercogliano – protecting kids’ inner wildness

110. The Starfish and The Spider, Ori Brafman & Rod Beckstrom – the unstoppable power of leaderless organizations

111. Practically Radical, Bill Taylor

112. The Connected Company, Dave Gray

113. Lesterland, Lawrence Lessig

114. Leaving to Learn, Elliot Washor & Charlie Mosjowski

115. After Summerhill, Hussein Lucas

116. Everywhere All the Time:  A New Deschooling Reader, Matt Hern – dang – history

117. Little Bets, Peter Sims (i haven’t yet read this.. was unschool mom recommend)

118. The Nature of the Future, Marina Gorbis

119. Life’s Operating Manual, Tom Shadyac

120. The Anti-Education Era, James Paul Gee

121. Choose Yourself, James Altucher

122. Present Shock, Douglas Rushkoff

123. Dead Aid, Dambisa Moyo

124. Making Ideas Happen, Scott Belsky

125. The LeapYear Project, Victor Saad

126. Leading from the Emerging Future, Otto Scharmer, Katrin Kaufer

127. Rewire, Ethan Zuckerman

128. Everything is Miscellaneous, David Weinberger

129. The Silenced Majority, Amy Goodman

130. Dirty Wars, Jeremy Scahill

131. Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman

132. Learning From the Voices in My Head, Eleanor Longden

133. Knowmad Society, John Moravec, et al

134. Smarter Than You Think, Clive Thompson

135. Radical Openness, Don Tapscott – Macrowikinomics, Wikinomics

136. Invent to Learn, Sylvia Libow Martinez & Gary Stager

137. Hope for the Flowers, Trina Paulus (1977ish)

138. The Giving Tree, Shel Silverstein (1977ish)

139. The Little Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry (1977ish)

140. Tuesday’s With Morrie, For One More Day, Mitch Albom (2008ish)

141. The Death and Life of Great American Cities, Jane Jacobs

142. The Legacy of John Holt, Pat Farenga, Kirsten Olson, Aaron Falbel, Jerry Mintz, …

143. Democracy at Work, Richard D. Wolff

144. Love Does, Bob Goff

145. Social Physics, Sandy Pentland

146. Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire (slow to the game, but oh – what perfect timing)

147. Natural Born Learners, Beatrice Ekwa Ekoko & Carlo Ricci

148. The Social Labs Revolution, Zaid Hassan

149. Sacred Economics, Charles Eisenstein

150. It’s Complicated, danah boyd

151. Networked, Barry Wellman and Lee Rainie

152. Against the Smart City, Adam Greenfield

153. Democratic Surround, Fred Turner

154. Silence, John Cage

155. The Zietgeist Movement Defined, Peter Joseph

156. The More Beautiful World Our Hearts Know is Possible, Charles Eisentein

157. Republic, Lost, Lawrence Lessig

158. The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The IoT, the Collab Commons, Jeremy Rifkin

159. Life, Animated, Ron Suskind

160. The People’s Platform, Astra Taylor

161. Declaration, (and Commonwealth), MultitudeMichael HardtAntonio Negri – upon re readings of delcaration..adding to frustrat\ing books – esp on intellect ness around p 67

162. Suburban Nation, Andrés Duany, Elizabeth Plater-Zyberg, & Jeff Speck

163. Walkable City, Jeff Speck

164. If Mayors Ruled the World, Benjamin Barber

165. The Desktop Regulatory State, Kevin Carson

166. Deep Economy, Bill McKibben

167. No Place to Hide, Glenn Greenwald

168. The Art of Self-Directed Learning, Blake Boles

169. The Play Ethic, Pat Kane

170. The Terrorist’s Son, Zak Ebrahim

171. This Changes Everything, Naomi Klein

172. The Black Swan, Antifragile, Nassim Nicholas Taleb

173. The Filter Bubble, Eli Pariser

174. Where Good Ideas Come From, Steven Johnson

175. Profits over People, Noam Chomsky

176. From Bitcoin to Burning Man and Beyond, David Bollier .. via id cubed

177. The Monsters of Ed Tech, Audrey Watters

178. Daring Greatly, Brené Brown

179. Revolution, Russell Brand

180. You Are Not a Gadget, Jaron Lanier

181. A Path Appears, Nick Kristof & Sheryl WuDunn

182. Just Mercy, Bryan Stevenson

183. High Price, Carl Hart

184. A People’s History, Howard Zinn

185. The Art of Asking, Amanda Palmer

186. Chasing the Scream, Johann Hari

187. The Promise of Politics, Hannah Arendt (a re read)

188. The Utopia of Rules, Debt,  – anything from David Graeber

189. It’s Your Turn, Seth Godin

190. The Autistic Brain, Temple Grandin

191. Change the Story, Change the Future, David Korten

192. The Alchemist, Paulo Coelho

193. Theory of Value, David Graeber

194. Weaving the Web, Tim Berners-Lee

195. Between the World and Me, Ta-Nehisi Coates

196. So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed, Psycopath Test, Jon Ronson

197. The Emperor of Maladies, Siddhartha Mukherjee

198. On the Move, MusicophiliaOliver Sacks

199. A Grief Observed, CS Lewis

200. Reclaiming Conversation, Sherry Turkle (also frustrat\ing)

201. The Boy Who Could Change the World, Aaron Swartz post compilation

202. H is for Hawk, Helen MacDonald

203. Drawing Blood, Molly Crabapple

204. EmergenceSteven Johnson (3rd time around adding emergence as whalespeak – mostly frustrat\ing book)

205. Causal Powers of Social Structures, Dave Elder-Vass (also frustrat\ing)

206. Instrumental, James Rhodes

k.. so started making separate pages for author’s books.. wished i would have done that for all.. chip would have taken care of that.. or could do with simple order..

207. Twitter and Tear Gas, Zeynep Tufekci

208. Radical Technologies, Adam Greenfield

210. Writing My Wrongs, Shaka Senghor

211. Hope in the DarkRebecca Solnit

212. Whiplash, Joi Ito and Jeff Howe

213. With Liberty & Justice for Some, Glenn Greenwald

214. City of Thorns, Ben Rawlence

215. Postcapitalism, Paul Mason

216. Evicted, Matthew Desmond

217. How to kill a City, Peter Moskowitz

218. Imaginary Cities, Darran Anderson

219. The City Always Wins, Omar Robert Hamilton

220. Affluence without Abundance, James Suzman

221. No is not enough, Naomi Klein

222. The Reason I Jump, Naoki Higashida

223. Matter & Desire, Andreas Weber

224. Utopia for Realists, Rutger Bregman (also frustrating)

225. A Hope More Powerful than the Sea, Melissa Fleming

226. We Rise, Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

227. Onlyness, Nilofer Merchant

228. The Knowledge Illusion, Steven Sloman & Philip Fernbach (also/mostly? frustrating)

229. $2 a day, Kathryn Edin & Luke Saefer

230. Walkaway, Cory Doctorow

231. When the Body Says No, Gabor Maté

232. ScatteredGabor Maté .. oh my (scramble law)

233. In the Realm of Hungry GhostsGabor Maté

234. The Forgetting Alzheimer’s: Portrait of an Epidemic, David Shenk

235. Turtles all the way down, John Green

236. Liminal Thinking, Dave Gray

237. Binding ChaosHeather Marsh .. (also frustrating ie: approval econ)

238. Outside Mental Health, Will Hall ..another .. oh my

239. Gut, Giulia Enders

240. Medical NemesisIvan Illich

241. The StackBenjamin Bratton

242. Braving the Wilderness, Brené Brown

243. Dawn of the New Everything, Jaron Lanier

244. Designing Reality, Neil Gershenfeld, Alan Gershenfeld, Joel-Cutcher Gershenfeld

245. Unbroken Brain, Maia Szalavitz

246. Lifelong Kindergarten, Mitch Resnick

247. Automating Inequality, Virginia Eubanks

248. Lost ConnectoinsJohann Hari

249. A Second Chance, Catherine Hoke

250. The Culture CodeDaniel Coyle (most of it.. ie’s drove me mad)

251. The Dispossessed, Ursula le Guin

252. Scale, Geoffrey West (mostly for solar insight.. found much frustrating)

253. Elinor Ostrom’s Rules for Radicals, Derek Wall

254. The Human Use of Human Beings, by Norbert Weiner

255. The Undercommons, Stefano Harney and Fred Moten, huge

256. Skin in the GameNassim Nicholas Taleb

257. Lost PeopleDavid Graeber

258. Doughnut Economics, Kate Raworth (also frustrating)

259. New PowerJeremy Heimans and Henry Timms (also frustrating)

260. Thinking in Systems, Dana Meadows (also frustrating)

261. Sharing Cities, Neal Gorenflo ..shareable.. et al

262. Fire On All SidesJames Rhodes

263. Escape From Freedom, Erich Fromm

264. $500 House in Detroit, Drew Philp

265. Refusal of Work, David Frayne

266. Talking to my Daughter About the Economy, Yanis Varoufakis

267. Bullshit Jobs, David Graeber, dang

268. Alogrithms of Oppression, Safiya Umojoa Noble

269. Humanity, Ai Weiwei

270. Brothers of the Gun, Marwan Hisham & Molly Crabapple

271. Stamped From the Beginning, Ibram X Kendi

272. The Undiscovered Self, Carl Jung

273. Total Freedom, Jiddu Krishnamurti

274. Without a Map, Lisa Steele-Maley

275. Walking in the City w/Jane, Susan Hughes

276. The Philosophical Baby, Alison Gopnik, great insight: young, frustrating: older miss

277. The Search for Common Ground, Howard Thurman

278. Assembly, Michael Hardt and Toni Negri

279. How Soon Is Now?Daniel Pinchbeck

280. The Battle For ParadiseNaomi Klein

281. Weapons of Math DestructionCathy O’Neil – mostly frustrating (judging people as a given)

282. Building & DwellingRichard Sennett

283. Timeless Learning

284. What the Eyes Don’t SeeMona Hanna-Attisha

285. On the Other Side of Freedom, DeRay Mckesson

286. Community – the Structure of Belonging, Peter Block – great insight/heart.. but also frustrating..(ie: accountability ness.. inviting/forming ness of gatherings.. et al)

287. For All the Wrong Reasons, Dan Benavidez

288. Everything for EveryoneNathan Schneider

289. NeuroTribes, Steve Silberman

290. Dear AmericaJose Antonio Vargas

291. How to Change Your Mind, Michael Pollan

292. Trauma & Recovery, Judith Herman

293. Emergence, Temple Grandin

294. The DivideJason Hickel

295. Exodus (draft), Kevin Carson

296. Think Like a CommonerDavid Bollier

297. The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog, Bruce D Perry & Maia Szalvatiz

298. The Gardener and The CarpenterAlison Gopnik – mostly ch 4&5&6.. (rest frustrating ie: assumption of school et al while convincingly dissing it)

299. 21 LessonsYuval Noah Harari

300. Fighting for SpaceTravis Lupick

301. Winners Take All – Anand Giridharadas – great insight.. but on frustrating list because of ending..(wondering if he meant to end with) a solution that is fractal to the whole book..  dang.. it’s like it negates all the great insight into how we keep losing ourselves..

302. TweakNic Sheff

303. Shadow Cities, Robert Neuwirth

304. Underbug, Lisa Margonelli

305. On Violence, Hannah Arendt – also frustrating parts (racism)

306. Everybody, Always, Bob Goff

307. Mindfulness, Jon Kabat-Zinn

308. What Makes Civilization, David Wengrow

309. Beautiful Boy, David Sheff

310. Team Human, Douglas Rushkoff

311. All We Are SayingDavid Sheff

312. Clean & High, David Sheff, Nic Sheff (little frustrating on suggestions/measures – seeing a nother way)

313. Figuring, Maria Popova (mostly first half)

314. Climate, Charles Eisenstein

315. Age of Surveillance Capitalism, Shoshana Zuboff (mostly first half.. last half huge mix of frustrating ness)

316. Myth of Machine.. v 1 and 2, Lewis Mumford

317. The Radicality of Love, Srećko Horvat

318. Life of One’s Own, Marion Milner

319. Democracy May Not Exist but we’ll miss it when it’s gone, Astra Taylor

320. Everyday Chaos, David Weinberger

321. My Seditious Heart, Arundhati Roy

322. Clear Bright Future, Paul Mason

323. Walking on Water, Derrick Jensen

324. How to be an Antiracist, Ibram Kendi

325. Case Against Free Speech, Peter Moskowitz

326. The Big Box, Toni Morrison

(lots not recording here.. may be good parts but disagree w too much.. partial list of those at bottom of this page)




327. The Great Pretender, Susannah Cahalan

328. Ongoingness, Sarah Manguso

329. My Heart, Corinna Luyken

330. The Sane Society, Erich Fromm

331. fragments of an anarchist anthropologydavid graeber

332. desktop reg state by kevin carson (why am i not adding till now? no idea.. shaped so much of thinking.. intro’d to so many people).. also communal property, thermidor of progressives, and most/all other writings

333. Bird Uncaged, Marlon Peterson





300 books to change the world – gathered by Kate: via spreadsheet, via pdf


four booksrecommended for practical nowness – esp in public ed – (old rec.. don’t rec public ed)

two books – recommended for global interconnectedness – (old rec.. don’t rec books – red flag)

if equity is everyone getting a go every day.. redefining public education becomes revolution of everyday life.. aka: global equity


frustrat\ing books


i’m dreaming of a dance

document everything


books to read